LANEIGE Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Serum 50ml

1. 575 ٪ رطوبة الجلد دفعة مباشرة بعد الاستخدام! بشرة ممتلئة بالرطوبة ونابضة بالحياة.
2. سجل "0" لتهيج الجلد على اختبار تصحيح الجلد.
- تركيبة خالية من 8 مثل المكونات الحيوانية ، الأصباغ الاصطناعية ، الزيت المعدني ، ثلاثي إيثانولامين ، بولي أكريلاميد ، إيميدازوليدينيل اليوريا ، البارابين و PEG الفاعل بالسطح.
- موافق للبشرة الحساسة.
3. حمض الهيالورونيك الأزرق ذو الحجم الدقيق ، محسّن باستخدام LANEIGEعملية التصنيع الحاصلة على براءة اختراع.
كيف تستعمل
ببساطة تويست وسوف يظهر الفم.
نصيحة. قم بإمالة المنتج لمنع الصيغة من تقطيعها إلى جانب الزجاجة ، ثم اضغط على الزر الموجود في الأعلى.
يتحول لون المؤشر على الجانب الخلفي إلى المرجان عندما ينتهي المنتج بنحو 80 ٪.
 ماركة : LANEIGE 
السعة: 50 مل
المنطقة المستهدفة: الوجه
نوع الجلد: جميع أنواع البشرة
الحالة: 100 ٪ جديد تمامًا مع المربع الأصلي
بلد المنشأ: جمهورية كوريا

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Really Good

I really like both the serum and the aesthetics of the product. I use it daily at night.

Absolutly hydrating!

This is the softest serum I’ve ever used. Goes on with the easiest application. Covers my whole face with just one pump but I use two this serum blends in so fast, and is compatible with any of my other creams! Its like my face has been drinking water all day.

Nice product

I really really really love these product so so much!!! Absolutely amazing! Obsessed!

Menard F.
Great moisturizer

I have used this moisturizer for years. It really absorbs into my skin great.


Hydrating and easy to apply. I use daily after washing my face and notice my skin is more hydrated than just moisturizer alone. Bonus points for the cute packaging and perfect dispensing amount.


Very nice and gentle on the skin.

Anastasia K.
So silky smooth

I started with their lip mask, then bought a night skin mask trial set, loved it, bought the green night skin mask and this is my most recent experiment. I've been using it for 2 weeks and I love it. It makes the texture of my skin feel so smooth and well hydrated before I put on my make up. A little goes a long way. It just flat out feels good on my skin.

Sarah C.
Love the texture!

Very moisturizing and lightweight. It’s honestly my most moisturizing cream, and I have several creams. I would highly recommend this.


It has a lovely scent that’s not overpowering. Very moisturizing and leaves my skin so soft!

Super hydrating

Love the design and packing. The product is even better though. Very hydrating and leaves the skin looking supple and glowing. Formula is not greasy or too watery does not sit on top of skin but really melts into face. Good for my sensitive skin. Have been using for well over two months and would repurchase.

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