6 Korean Skincare & Beauty Trends to Try in 2021

6 Korean Skincare & Beauty Trends to Try in 2021

6/24/2021 Los Angeles, CA

Over the past years, Korean beauty and skincare have been adding a fresh, highly effective spin to our daily beauty routine. It doesn't take more than a few scrolls through Instagram's popular page to find yourself deep within the vortex where K-beauty aficionados share their latest Korean skincare finds, tips as well as some of the best brands of 2021.

From ultra-hydrating and otherworldly nourishing formulas that promise to repair and enhance your natural beauty from the inside out, to a plethora of carefully selected natural herbs that evidently hold the power to make your complexion bloom, there is a slew of reasons why K-beauty products can be found in every skincare arsenal.

Whether you are a die-hard fan or a K-beauty newbie, here is a round-up of the most popular Korean skincare and cosmetic trends of 2021 so you can stock up on everything and anything you could need this season.

Korean Skincare Trend: Acid layering

 Set your current multi-step skincare routine aside, it's time to make way for a minimalist approach. In 2021, K-beauty has been incorporating some of the best, yet gentle acids into their formulas to help deliver a healthy glow. With just the right balance of AHAs and BHAs, you can not only exfoliate your skin but also boost cell rejuvenation.  The best part? Acid layering is known for battling inflammatory congestion, as well as fade post-acne marks while preventing the buildup of dead skin cells.

Korean Skincare Trend: Centella Asiatica

Whether you’ve dabbled in a bit of blemish cream (good for soothing the appearance of scars and normalizing sebum secretion) or you’ve played it safe with herbal-based face masks, Centella Asiatica is your foolproof way of having photoprotection, fighting off skin redness while keeping your skin smooth and hydrated.

Korean Skincare Trend: Mild Retinol

Those of us who have pledged allegiance to K-Beauty, certainly understand the game-changing effects of retinol. Unlike many western skincare formulas, Korean skincare focuses on delivering a lower percentage, so the skin becomes healthier, yet less irritated. K-beauty Retinol-infused products can fight acne, reduce wrinkles and dark spots, and help to brighten dull skin- minus the unnecessary damage caused by high doses of it.

Korean Skincare Trend: Ampoules

You've probably already tried your fair share of serums, but have you ever tried ampoules? As every K-beauty skincare formula, ampoules are here to offer skin damage repair, oil balance, and severe hydration. Think of them as a concentrated version of your go-to serum, a quick and easy way to strengthen the skin barrier without irritating. 

Korean Skincare Trend: Hanbang Ingredients

We couldn't talk about the most popular Korean Skincare and Cosmetic trends of 2021 without mentioning Hanbang ingredients. These traditional Korean herbal ingredients have been used for hundreds of years, and thankfully, they're now starting to become popular in every part of the globe as well. Ginseng root, houttuynia cordata, sacred lotus, and rehmannia boast hydrating, anti-aging, and anti-inflammation properties.

Korean Skincare Trend: Clean Beauty

In 2021, more and more skincare and beauty brands are developing products free of chemical additives, artificial ingredients, and fragrances that they consider controversial or unsafe, like parabens and talc. The goal? To incorporate some stellar 100% natural and non-toxic formulas into your daily skincare regime without having to worry about covering your skin with dangerous chemicals.