Introducing you to the Minimalist Allure of Korean Lip Tint

Introducing you to the Minimalist Allure of Korean Lip Tint
Korean Lip Tint

Neither lipstick nor is it lip gloss! It’s not matte or shiny on the lips, just a hint of color that gives your lips a muted, velvety, yet vibrant finish. Korean lip tints bring together the best of both worlds. It is rightfully one of the most popular and widely used Korean makeup products globally. Although, people new to the world of K-beauty often get confused between a Korean lip tint and lipstick/lip color/ lip gloss. So what is it, and how is it different from other forms of lip makeup? Keep reading to get all your queries answered.  

What is a Korean Lip Tint?

Also known as lip stain or lip and cheek tint, these come in a non-sticky gel or watery consistency. It gives you a muted and minimalist yet colorful and dewy look to your lips. It comes in multiple effervescent shades and tends to stay longer than lipsticks or lip glosses.     

How is it different from other Lip makeup products?

Lipsticks, lip-glosses, and lip colors are formulated with oils and waxes, infusing that creamy texture that glides off your lips. The lip tint, on the other hand, is more liquid consistency and often comes in a mousse-like texture devoid of creaminess. Once you apply, the water base evaporates, and the color sticks to your lips, giving you a natural look that stays intact all day long. With a lip tint, you won’t need to touch up over and over again throughout the day.   

How to apply Lip Tints?

There are various ways you can wear your Korean lip tint, and each gives your lips a different effect.

  • Full Tinted/Full Coverage: Use the tint applicator to outline the lips and then fill it up starting from the middle area to the corners. This makes your lips look plumper. 
  • Diffused: The tint is applied to avoid the edges of the lips and then pressed together a couple of times to diffuse the tone.
  • Gradient: The tint is applied inward, followed by pressing the lips a few times for a diffused effect. Either a compact or concealer is used to even out the lips’ edges.  

Do Korean Lip Tints dry out the lips?

This a common concern among buyers who suffer from dryness of lips. While it is true that the older versions dried out the lips, in recent times, the top Korean makeup products’ manufacturers have come up with formulations that keep the lips moist and supple for long hours.  

What are the top Korean Face Products Brands that make Lip Tints?

The top Korean face products brands with bestseller lip tints are:

  • Etude House
  • Hera
  • Innisfree
  • Tony Moly
  • Peripera

That’s, all the basics you need to know about Korean lip tints, absolute must-haves in every woman’s makeup collection. 

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