What Are The Best Primers For Combination Skin?

Combination skin is more challenging to understand than dry or oily skin, where skincare and makeup advice is far simpler. Your cheekbones are dry, yet your T-zone is oily all the time. Naturally, we are inquisitive in learning how to apply makeup properly to look dewy in the right spots while maintaining a matte face everywhere else.

While doing makeup, the first step is to apply primer. This is why we have usually listened to makeup artists saying, “choose the primer according to your skin type.” Although many of us skip the primer applying step, the choice of primer can make or break your look. So, to know which is the best primer for glowing skin, read along. 

This blog will make you mate with the best primers for the combination skin. Let’s dig deep into it to find the primers that will work the best for you. 

HERA Airy Powder Primer

An innovative production technique makes this primer oil-free. It is a powder-coated dough formulation that prevents moisture loss from the skin. The lotion is thin and non-clumping and should be applied after skincare. Further, the paste-like powder formula adheres tightly pretty much to anything. This powder can control the skin oil for 24 hours without making it dark. Thus, maintaining the radiance of the skin. 

Airy powder primer is creamy vanilla in color. Hence, it has the potential to give an instant transparent skin tone effect even alone. Just one or two light touches allow the broad half-moon brush to adhere to the primer. The brush closely conceals pores and texture along with the skin texture. 

How To Use

Apply a sufficient amount to the brush after skincare and sweep in the direction of skin texture. Touch up foundation or cushion as necessary, depending on the coverage desired.


  • If you have oily skin apply on the T-zone area twice. But do not apply twice on the entire face. 
  • Apply mainly on the T-zone area and make the layers where the pores are prominent if you have combination skin. 
  • For Dry Skin, use a tiny amount of powder on the entire face. 

Primera Alpine Berry Watery Soothing Gel Cream

This is an all-in-one cream. Wondering, how? Well, this cream offers strengthening and deep moisturizing of the skin barrier along with cooling and soothing. It provides all this in one stroke. This not only works as a primer but also soothes the reddened skin by providing a cooling effect. The watery soothing gel-cream incorporates waxes, oils, and soothing capsules of Phytosterols. Thus, it offers quick relief to our skin. A cooling gel lotion delivers moisture that serves skin from the inside out. It is a calming gel-cream that moistens dry and oily skin without tightness and is not irksome. Therefore, we can say that it is an oil-free, luminous moisturizer for combination and oily skin.

How To Use

Apply the gel-cream evenly to the face and neck in the morning and evening after using the serum.

VDL Lumilayer Primer

This primer captures and reflects light, instantly smoothing out skin, and a soft, luminescent glow emanates from them. Featuring VDL's trademark Lumilayer Prismatic Pearls, it prolongs and improves foundation wear and provides a silky, lasting finish.

How To Use

Use this VDL Lumilayer primer after the skincare routine but before applying foundation.

There is a technique to use this primer, i.e., warm it between fingers and press it into the skin.

Innisfree Mineral Makeup Base

This Innisfree mineral makeup base habilitates the skin tone, blocks harmful UV rays, and controls the oil-moisture balance. Its texture is smooth and moist, with tight adherence evoking a moist skin texture.

Dark, red, and yellow/dull skin tones can be corrected with peach, green, and purple colors.


Use a Peach colour makeup base to attain natural skin tone. 

Employ the Vanilla Green makeup base to hide reddish or blotchy skin. 

To balance yellowish and dull skin tones, utilize Cream Purple makeup base. 

How To Use

This primer is easy to use; you only have to take a fair amount and spread it smoothly.

MI Velvet Primer Base

It is a primer that smoothes the skin's texture and increases makeup's durability by gently applying a moisturizing texture.

How To Use

Use it after skin care. Apply a fair amount to the cheeks, forehead, and under the chin

in the pre-makeup phase and spread evenly.

BANILA CO Prime Primer Classic / Matte / Hydrating


- Natural correction

-Smoothens the curves of the skin

- Pore care & skin tightening 


- Silky texture 

-Meticulously fills the skin texture

- Compensated finish 

- Avoids greasiness

- Shine care & oil management


- Chewy texture 

- Refreshing moisture feeling

- Non-sticky type

- Moist but refreshing finish

- Maintains balance and reduces dryness

Sebum control powder completes clean makeup with matte primer. It absorbs excess oil and prevents shine.

How To Use

Apply a small amount after finishing basic makeup.

Make The Right Choice 

To epitomize, employing the primer in your makeup routine is vital. However, you must pick the one that best suits your skin. Given above are some of the best primers for glowing skin. Optimize your makeup routine by selecting one for yourself. Further, hook and scroll through our website to glance at other products and buy according to your skin type.

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