Why Are the Beauty Standards In Korea So High?

Why Are the Beauty Standards In Korea So High?

When it comes to appearance, the standards in Korea are so high that it is not uncommon to see individuals wearing masks while riding public transit. In part, Koreans think that everyone deserves to appear attractive, so they devote a significant amount of time and money to their skincare regimen. In addition, Korean beauty salons are quite popular, particularly among women and men who wish to improve their physical appearance. They use specialized skincare products tailored to a specific area of the skin.

However, because many consumers have reported difficulty locating these items in Western nations, they are frequently imported from Korea instead. Men and women benefit from Korean beauty products online, which often comprise a three-step skincare program suited to their specific needs. The first stage consists of exfoliating the skin, applying moisturizing cream, and applying a serum. The second and third phases entail using additional products tailored to the needs of different skin types.

The most effective approach to locating a decent face scrub is experimenting with several different brands until you find one you enjoy. There are several brands to choose from. However, it is better to stick with something natural. To begin, though, you must first understand Korean beauty standards.

Let's Have A Look At What They Have To Say.

Korean Beauty Standards Are Quite High.

Overall, Korean beauty standards encourage a youthful appearance by emphasizing a tiny face, large eyes, and a thin physique in order to re-create that youthful appearance. When compared to Western beauty standards, Koreans, on the whole, strive for prettier and more feminine appearances, at least when it comes to their facial features. Small facial features and light skin are preferred by Koreans, who desire thin, fresh, and youthful looks.

In contrast to Western beauty standards, curvaceous figures such as Kim Kardashian or Rihanna are just considered too much in Korean beauty standards.

According to this context, rather than being physically strong and healthy, being feminine, beautiful, slim, and even tiny is a beautiful objective for Korean women.

The Four Primary Elements On Which Korean Beauty Standards Are Based:

Size Of The Head

The Four Primary Elements On Which Korean Beauty Standards Are Based:

The majority of Koreans desire to have a lower head size. The smaller the size of your head, the better. If you look at images of well-known Korean superstars, you'll notice that most of them have small heads hidden behind thick, voluminous hair. The ideal head-to-body ratio is 1:8, which may seem excessive to some, but according to Korean beauty standards, it is what works. There are no exceptions to this rule for either men or women.

Don't bother with contouring! According to Korean beauty standards, a big and round head is attractive! Specifically, a forehead has a prominent brow bone to draw attention to itself.

Eyebrows And The Upper Eyelid

Eyebrows And The Upper Eyelid

The greater the distance between your brows and your eyes, the better. Koreans want to have substantial space between their brows and their eyes. High brows are attractive, but they are much more attractive when straight and natural in appearance. Organic microblading can be used to achieve Korean-style brows.

Sunken eyes that make you appear older and a double eyelid are two characteristics that help your eyelids pass Korean beauty standards. Koreans are well-known for their fixation with the double eyelid, with some going so far as to have plastic surgery to acquire that appearance. It goes without saying that if your eyes aren't naturally large, even having double eyelids won't suffice.

Plump Lips 

Plump Lips

Nowadays, having plump lips or heart-shaped lips is seen as wonderful. The lower lip should be fuller than the upper one when it comes to the lower lip. However, the lip line should be facing upward when smiling adds to the difficulty. Adding lip fillers, for example, is a common technique to improve this face feature.

Properly Aligned Teeth 

Properly Aligned Teeth

Another Korean beauty standard that Koreans adhere to is those properly aligned teeth. Because of this, many Koreans had braces on their teeth as children. In Korea, wearing braces when you are older is considered unattractive. Having perfectly aligned teeth, especially when you smile, is essential for achieving the most youthful and innocent appearance possible.

There Are Several Reasons Why Korean Beauty Is So Popular Right Now!

The idea that Korean products are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day is surely not news if you've been paying attention to the latest beauty trends. They come in adorable packaging, but they are also supposed to have health advantages. That explains why the Korean beauty industry is one of the top ten globally. Korea's beauty industry generated more than $13.1 billion in sales in 2018, with face skincare products accounting for roughly half of the total market share. So, what is it about Korean cosmetic products that make them so popular?

Let's have a look at this.

Korea Is A Trend-Setter In Many Ways.

Because Korea cosmetics shop is highly famous, everyone wants to have beautiful skin like their favorite performers, which is understandable. Korea is also known for being one of the first countries to accept innovative products and concepts. Do you know that BB cream or foundation that you've come to rely on? On the other hand, the Korean beauty market was the one that pioneered the concept.

Unique Ingredients

Korean beauty products make use of the most effective Western components and a variety of other substances. With an astonishingly vast repertory of components that includes ground-breaking compounds such as snail mucus and bee venom offer great outcomes. 

Korean Beauty Products Are a Pleasure to Use

In Korean beauty projects, the formulations provide a pleasant experience to consumers - the textures are distinctive, and the application techniques are versatile. For example, several products replace water with aloevera, which has a nutritious and calming sensation when applied topically.

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