How to use the 10% Coupon.

1. Go to and click the Create an account button on the right.

 2. Please enter your membership information.
after that, Click the create Account button at the bottom.

3. When you register as a member, an email will be sent automatically.
Please check your email.
When paying for the desired product,
please select paypal or another payment method.

4. You will be taken to the payment page.

5. If you want to order multiple products, please click the Add to Cart button to add them to your cart.

6. Click the VIEW CART button to check the items in your shopping cart.

7.  After checking the product you want to order on the CART page, press the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button to go to the payment page.

8. After signing up, we will send you a code when signing up by email. After checking your email, please enter the code into Discount code when paying.

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