THE NBP All-in-one Mystic Kit #Magaret


  • Point 1. A real all-in-one that includes everything - It is perfect kit for going out without your makeup pouch.
  • It includes foundation, lip and lip balm, eye shadow,eyeliner and tools.
  • Point 2. Compact size fitable in everywhere - Lighter and more convenient pocket size fitable in mini bags, pocket and everywhere.
  • Point 3. Your own combination of colors that you put only what you want.


  • 1. Foundation - As a foundation with ivory base making your skin brighter and spreading naturally and thinly, 
  • it has 'perfect coverage' and 'moisturizing formulation'.
  • Light and vivid radiance with moisture ingredients filling inside of your skin 24 hours.
  • Naturally cover redness and blemishes with solid concealer texture.
  • 2. Waterproof Mini Eyeliner - Long-lasting liquid eyeliner with 100% waterproof function preventing smudging
  • caused by water as well as sebum or sweat.
  • 0.2mm skinny brush from the mucous membrane to the tail at once. It is improved the characteristic flashiness.
  • Only available at THE NBP. The capacity remains the same, the length is drastically reduced in mini size.
  • 3. Cell Lip Balm & Cell Lipstick
  • - Jjok Lipbalm : All-round lip balm giving moisture for dried up and revitalizing the volume of your lip with plumper ingredient contained.
  • - Stone Rose : Daily point lip color between rose red and burgundy red.
  • - So Chill : Real red lip with pink base making your face brighter once applying.
  • 4. Cell Eyeshadow
  • - Seasalt : Aegyo-sal maker with peach beige base and silver pearl.
  • - Walnut Butter : A soft brown-colored shimmer base is the best base shade in the first step.
  • - Cocoa Powder : Gradation Maker with shimmer texture of cocoa-like dark brown color is put on and makes your eyes look bigger and wider.
  • - From light color that gets rid of redness without facial bloating and deep brown tone-on-tone color.
  • - Texture that is delicately spread and can be layered with Skin Fit Pigment.

How to use

  • Step 1. Apply the foundation egg bar all over your face evenly.
  • Step 2. Layer Cocoa Powder color on you eyelids that you sweep Walnut Butter all over your eyelids.
  • Put a dab Seasalt on your Aegyo-sal.
  • Step 3. (After applying Gorgeous Nuddy Color for the base shade) 
  • Slightly layer So Chill and make your lip soft and romantic for a daily shade look.


  • Brand : The N.B.P
  • Capacity : Foundation 1.5g, Eyeshadow 0.6g respectively, Lipstick and Lip balm 0.6g respectively, Eyeliner 0.6g
  • Skin Type : All skin types
  • Expiration Date : Marked separately
  • Manufacturer : L&S Cosmetic
  • Country of Manufacture : South Korea

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