COSMEDICIAN Aqua Wimple Cream 50ml
[COSMEDICIAN] Aqua Wimple Cream - 50mlDescriptionAqua Wimple Cream moisturizes the skin as it ripples, supplying the moisture in the skin to give a sense of moisture. Aloe vera leaf juice powder and hyaluronic acid maintain a sufficient amount of moisture...
$60.00 $32.89
COSMEDICIAN Quantum Fine Mist 50ml
[COSMEDICIAN] Quantum Fine Mist - 50mlDescriptionQuantum Fine Mist contains vitamin tree extract to supply moisture to the skin's surface and effectively care for skin problems. In addition, the fine particles effectively penetrate into the skin to give anti-aging to the...
$46.00 $22.89
COSMEDICIAN Regenerated Hydration Ampoule 60ml (10ml * 6ea)
    [COSMEDICIAN] Regenerated Hydration Ampoule DescriptionExperience amazing moisture supply capacity and skin barrier hardening ability on damaged skin cells inside skin with C-repair Complex, a core technology of GENEDNA BIO CLINIC SYSTEM.It is a complex ingredient of a combination...
$140.00 $99.86
COSMEDICIAN Revitalizing Anti Oxy Cream 50ml
[COSMEDICIAN] Revitalizing Anti Oxy Cream - 50mlDescriptionIt is a complex ingredient of a combination of firm belief and biotechnology of GENEDNA BIO CLINIC SYSTEM. C-REPAIR COMPLEX is effective for soothing, elasticity and moisturizing the skin by soothing dry and sensitive...
$60.00 $38.89
COSMEDICIAN Stemide-10 Ampoule 40ml (5ml * 8ea)
[COSMEDICIAN] Stemide-10 Ampoule Description Human adipocyte conditioned media extract(106,700 PPM) useful for restoring natural vitality of the skin facilitate skin turn-over and strengthen skin barrier effectively to keep skin clear and healthy. It is a complex ingredient of a combination...
$200.00 $109.46
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