A'PIEU Huile à lèvres au miel et au lait


  • La texture d'huile d'adhération étroitement maintient les lèvres serrées d'humidité.
  • L'extrait de protéines au miel et au lait forme une barrière d'humidité sur les lèvres.
  • Tend les lèvres sainement avec une nutrition riche et une grande humidité.

Comment utiliser

  • Prenez une quantité appropriée et étalez en douceur sur les lèvres sèches.


  • Marque : A'PIEU
  • Capacité: 5G
  • Zone cible: lèvre
  • Type de peau: tous les types de peau
  • État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
  • Pays d'origine: République de Corée

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Very moisturizing, and smells really good but subtle

Very thick consistency

It's thicker than other oils I've tried but it's so moisturizing! Definitely a pain when it's windy and my hair gets stuck to it

my first lip oil!

I was surprised how good this was! love wearing especially at night. keep in mind that it does leave a sticky finish

so yummy

It smells soooo good It has an amazing shine without being sticky. Better than a lot more expensive lip oils I've tried!

The best lip oil i’ve tried!

I’m a bit of a lip oil fanatic, and I’ve tried everything from dior to clarins to fenty and beyond this is BY FAR my favorite. It’s thick, hydrating, not sticky at all, and looks like a lip gloss. I really love this oil!

Tina L.
I finally found my lip holy grails.

My most honest review is that at first I saw it just like you put honey on top of your lips. That’s why I thought, why don’t we just use honey instead. However, I used it at night. Fact is that my lips are extremely dry (only Vaseline worked with my lips). The product makes my lips always plump without strips after hours like Vaseline. It can also work so well as a lip gross. Highly recommended.

Soft Shiny & Juicy!

Thick and glossy balm that smells very good, moisturizes very well and makes lips soft shiny and juicy. Highly recommended.

Yu T.H.
Rich, thick lip oil!

Perfect for the cold weather with dry lips - this is such a luxuriously thick lip oil that really feel effective! Smells great too!

Glossy honey

I'm completely in love with this gloss It's glossy, hydrating and thick with a yummy honeyed vanilla scent. I wish it were a stronger scent because it is just so so good. The packaging and concept is cute and the applicator is thick and soft on the lips.

Noam P.
So good!

This lip oil is more like a thick moisturizing lip gloss but since it's so cheap I really have no complains. It's super glossy and just gorgeous on my lips, the scent is amazing and smells like some sort of delicious caramel. It's really gorgeous!

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