※ La spatule dédiée est incluse.

Masque de couchage à lèvres Laneige 20g

Complexe de mélange de baies riches en vitamine C ™, contenant des framboises, des fraises, des canneberges, des extraits de myrtilles,
Efface la peau morte sèche et squameuse sur les lèvres pendant la nuit
Pour réaliser des lèvres lisses et souples le lendemain matin.
Mumiture Wrap ™, réseau minéral acide hyaluronique, forme un film hydratant
Pour aider à verrouiller les ingrédients actifs et la peau pour absorber et conserver l'humidité pendant la nuit.
Contenant de l'huile de coco, il hydrate les lèvres sèches,
ce qui augmente rapidement l'évaporation de l'humidité pendant le sommeil.
Avec 4 parfums doux et rafraîchissants, cela vous aide à vous sentir bien et à l'aise la nuit.
#Berry - Un parfum agréable d'un mélange de baies avec une sensation de fraise fraîche et sucrée.

Comment nous
Avant d'aller au lit, appliquez un montant libéral avec la spatule.
※ Effet: fond les cellules mortes de la peau tenue et offre une humidité abondante à la peau pendant la nuit.
Le lendemain matin, essuyez doucement la peau propre avec des tissus ou du coton.
※ Effet: rend les lèvres lisses et élastiques en éliminant les cellules mortes de la peau.

Marque: Laneige
Capacité: 20g
Zone cible: lèvres
Type de peau: tout type de peau
État: 100% neuf avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Soft & Luxurious

This lip mask is so soft and luxurious. It has a nice, but not overwhelming berry smell and stays on all night. It comes with a small applicator so you don’t have to stick your fingers in the tub. Highly recommend!

Conditioned lips finally!

This balm is the bomb! My dry lips are healed by morning. I do find that I need to keep up with use of Laneige lip gloss during the day to maintain moisture. Smells heavenly. This is very sticky so beware of slathering it on too heavily or good night kisses/your pillow will be messy.

Amazing Product!

Love the smooth texture and the scents are all good too. Best lip mosk I have found! I was having problems with chapping and realized after doing some research it was a common problem with that product. This has fully restored my lips.

Very good

Gosh my lips are always dry with no color but since I have been using this lip sleeping mask my lips are soft and hydrated. Also, the color is coming back to my lips. I just wish I had known about this way before Prime Days. Got this lip mask at a great price and it is something I will continue to use. Highly recommend!

Great quality

This is an excellent product, I’ve always had issues with my lips, specially when weather changes, and this product changed everything, great moisturizer, love the smell, its great a game changer if you have issues with your lips, I no longer have issues whenever I put a lipstick, it stays perfect and no longer breaks on my lips.

Davia D.S.
The best stuff for my dry lips

I have had this on my list for a long time. I finally bought it and boy am I glad I did. In just 3 days it has made my dry lips soft. I was a constant lip balm user and now I barely feel the need to use it. I got the gummy bear scent and it smells so good, luckily it had no flavor or I would lick it off my lips. I highly recommend this product!

it's the best

I have seen a lot of hype about this lip mask. Believe everything you see and read about it. I go thru lip balm like crazy because I purse my lips when I’m working. So I was so delighted when I tried this . It is the bomb! I ordered the berry and it’s a very light berry flavor and goes on like silk. I use every night and sometimes once or twice during day. Buy it you won’t be disappointed!


I look forward to putting this lip mask on every night before bed! I was a little skeptical, and I wasn’t thrilled at the price or small size either - but this stuff is incredible! It lasts all night, it is thick but not oily. My dry lips drastically improved literally overnight. I purchased the Berry flavor, and it isn’t overwhelming - more like a hint of flavor. And you use the tiniest amount of product. I really can’t say enough how much I love this lip mask.

So soft

At first I did not believe this product had any effect. It seemed like an overpriced fruity vaseline but I am so glad I was wrong. It says to be generous with this when applying overnight and when I woke up the next day I didn't recognize my lips! So soft and plump, like never before. An added plus is that it smells like grape candy or soda. I use this almost every night and a I still have more than half the lip mask left. Do yourself a favor and get this, your lips will thank you!

Kesley M.
I like it

I’ve never had a lip mask before, however I have used lip scrubs from Lush, as well as made my own with brown sugar. This put hydration back in my lips, and I noticed a difference within one overnight use! I decided to take a chance and purchase this item on Prime day, and I’m so excited to continue using it through the winter season. It comes with a tiny plastic + silicone t brush that looks like an old-school eyeshadow brush. It’s not sticky or gel-like at all, which is perfect. Flavor is great as well, and not super overpowering. The description says to wipe off the excess in the morning, however I haven’t had any excess. A little goes a long way!

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