Nature Republic Skin Smoothing Corps Peleling Mist 250 ml

Équilibre la peau et exfolie doucement la saleté et les impuretés profondément sous la surface de la peau. Feuille la peau rafraîchie et est humide.

Comment utiliser
Vaporisez votre corps à l'exception de votre visage et massagez doucement votre corps.
Ensuite, rincez soigneusement à l'eau tiède.

Marque: Nature Republic
Capacité: 250 ml
Zone cible: corps
Type de peau: tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Allison W.

apply it where i want (i tried it on my face, even though it does say it's for the body, because i didn't seem sensitive to it when i tried it on hands) and my god, my skin is soft as an egg.
I really love this peeling gel/mist, it doesn't irritate my skin the way that.

Very good

I love the scent so much when i tried this product, that's what drew me to it. I love peeling gels and never tried a peeling mist, and honestly i don't really use it like a mist, i use it near the palm of my hand to just get some out like a pump.

It works!

This stuff works. It removes all the dead skin from your body the minute you spray it on. You can instantly see the difference. They stop selling it over here but shipping is quick and cones perfectly package.


First off, this stuff is crazy good, kind of freaked me out the first time I used this spray, it just works that dead skin right off. everyone should have this stuff in the cabinets. Brightens up those tattoos as well.

Jen L.
Bought it a second time!

I love this product. It does a great job of removing dead skin and leaving you nice and smooth. Does not dry out, burn, or leave a weird film on the skin. Some people have a hard time getting all the dead skin off where there is hair present. In that case just use a washcloth or exfoliate scrub/glove and warm water afterwards

Great product

Leaves skin feeling smooth and hydrated Excellent when used with Crepe Erase.

Mikaela S.
it's the best

something definitely comes off my skin after using im

not 100% sure what it is but it’s doing something! and it smells very nice


In fact, I didn't even need to try it to be satisfied. Friends used it before me and they loved it so much that I almost had to take it from them by force to get it back. xD

It's really great, and it smells great.

it works!

i've tried it on areas that i've exfoliated vs ones i haven't and it definitely exfoliates - but it can leave it a little dry, and the effect isn't super intense

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