TONYMOLY Wonder Rice Smooting Toner 500 ml


  • Notre toner hypoallergénique, sans alcool et sans irritant est formulé avec des ingrédients qui sont tous classés EWG Green, ce qui rend cette formule douce parfaite à utiliser sur tous les types de peau.
  • Le filtrat de riz fermenté hautement absorptif fonctionne pour pénétrer profondément dans la peau pour une hydratation plus durable et des résultats plus transformateurs.
  • Les extraits de fruits naturels aident également à exfolier naturellement la peau afin que la peau soit plus fluide et plus hydratée à chaque utilisation.

Comment utiliser

  • Après avoir nettoyé la peau, trempez un coton avec du toner et
  • Balayez le visage pour éliminer les toxines et les impuretés restantes de la peau.
  • Tapez doucement le toner restant jusqu'à ce qu'il soit complètement absorbé.


  • Marque : TONYMOLY
  • Capacité: 500 ml
  • Zone cible: visage
  • Type de peau: tous les types de peau
  • État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
  • Pays d'origine: République de Corée

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Love it!

Bought it during prime day sale so extra great value. Amazing for dry sensitive skin. Highly recommended for those who haven’t tried!

Carmen S.

The bottle is large, I have sensitive, dehydrated skin and I like it very well, I like the soothing sensation on the skin for the rest of the skin care routine. I will buy it again!

Very good

I have very sensitive and dry skin, so I have used countless products from big brands to the most commercial ones and they have never served me like this rice toner. I simply loved it! My skin is hydrated for hours (never happened to me). Without a doubt, I will continue buying it.

good results

I had read that caution should be taken because it tended to irritate the skin, however, I got good results, adequate hydration and cleansing, it has a certain lightening effect, but I attribute it to brightening the skin, reducing dullness

it's the best

The packaging had changed a bit making it look s bit smaller, but it brings the same volume. It has been grate for now.

Brianne G.

Once I run out I'm getting it again! I use it as a spray and I LOVE IT! Makes my face feel refreshed and it leaves a little glow!

Pat Z.
good for dry skin

the toner works quite well on my dry skin. less suitable for oily skin

Soft Skin!

Truly amazing product. After using it skin feels so moisturized. I am using this toner almost every day, combining with hyaluronic acid. Highly recommend.

Must have!

This is my second purchase. I love this toner and it's so easy to implement with any skincare routine. Would definitely recommend.

Lovely toner

i have been awaiting for this toner for a long time finally its available now so i bought 2 of them the quantity is good enough to last u months i use this in a spray bottle it hydrates and smoothens skin with brightening i have been enjoying this toner perfect for humid weather ordering some more.

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