COSRX AHA / BHA clarifiant le toner de traitement 150 ml


  • AHA / BHA clarifiant le toner de traitement est un toner efficace pour votre peau squameuse causée par le manque d'humidité et de cellule de la peau morte, aidant à prévenir précoce des points blancs et des points noirs.


  • Contenu dans AHA / BHA clarifiant le toner de traitement est de l'eau minérale (par opposition à l'eau purifiée) pour votre santé de la peau, AHA naturel, BHA naturel pour nettoyer les cellules de la peau morte.
  • Les substances valides comme l'allantoïne fournissent de l'humidité et de la nutrition pour la peau humide et lisse.

Comment utiliser

  • 1. Utiliser dans la peau / étape du toner après le lavage du visage tous les matins / soir
  • 2. mouiller amplement un coton et empiéter la peau le long de la texture de la peau à l'intérieur comme si elle se masse doucement


  • Marque : COSRX
  • Capacité: 150 ml
  • Zone cible: visage
  • Type de peau: tous les types de peau
  • État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
  • Pays d'origine: République de Corée

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kam S.
I like it

honestly thought that the bottle would be bigger, but the size isn't a problem for me. the toner doesnt really have a smell to it. i'm gonna have to keep trying it to see the results.

Hannah B.
Best toner I've tried

After trying many different products to target skin discolouration and dryness, I decided to purchase this toner after reading all of the reviews. Initially, it was a bit strong for my skin (noticed some redness) so I would only use it every other day. However, over time my skin became used to the toner. After using it for a few months I can really see a difference in my skin's texture/discoloured spots and reduced pore size.


This product is something I could never live without. It clears my skin like magic and my only problem with my skin is redness and small zits that are not too noticeable but you can see if looking closely but with this as a part of my routine, it makes my skin great. I just recently ran out and right now I feel like 16 year old me again with my red skin and mini zits so I'm reordering asap. Highly recommended

Smooth, calm skin

This toner smooths my skin when I apply it with a cotton pad and feels calming on the skin when sprayed on and patted in. My skin feels moisturized although its only a toner. I will keep using this on a daily basis.

Hands down my favourite toner

I have tried a plethora of toners out there! Kiehls, Biore, Nature Republic, Rose water toners but i love this the most. While the effects of toners are usually hard to point out, I notice that this toner just 'clarifies' my skin and does its best to prevent breakouts. It is amazingly refreshing and I have already ordered my second bottle

In love

I didn’t expect much from this toner since it’s just -a toner- but I was really happy to notice not only it’s gentle and has a nice and minimal ingredient list, but the “clarifying” part works really well! I love spraying this on my face, doing the rest of the skincare and going to sleep, to wake up the next day with my hyperpigmentation looking a bit lighter. It lightens it whenever I use it and really made a difference. Became one of my favorite cosrx products!


I really enjoy using this toner. It doesn't have a super noticeable difference in your skin, but for my dehydrated oily skin it works super well. after I take off my makeup, I often don't feel like washing my face right away so I use this after and it gets rid of the dry and tight feeling from the makeup remover.

Actually works!

I've tried so many products to clear up my acne, and after using it for about 2 weeks, I've definitely seen my skin clearing up! I also use this with the St. Ives apricot scrub, but it was definitely this product that did the trick. I usually have combination skin, and this product helps keep the oil under control. I used to have small pimples on my forehead (the ones that look like they're under the skin) and they're gone now! I highly recommend this product

bought this product again!

One of the best exfoliators ever. I apply it every night and it removes my dead skin so well! My skin got so much brighter and also very clear.


Great acid toner!

I must admit, initially I did not like this toner; it was not a terrible toner, but I just didn't realize how much it was doing for my skin. However, when I stopped using this toner for a couple of days (I usually use it at night), I realized how much acne it cleared out. Some recommendations for using the product would be: as it is an acid toner, avoid using in the daytime because of sun exposure, spritz the product onto a cotton pad and then apply to face to maximize product, be careful to watch for sensitivity - this is an acid toner, and some people may be more sensitive to the AHA/BHA in this product. I really love this product and I highly recommend it!

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