Certains par mi clear spot patch 1ea (* 18 patchs)

Un patch peut être utilisé par toute personne ayant une peau ou une peau problématique.
Il absorbe les exsudats de la zone de la plaie et minimise la formation de cicatrices.
Contient 18 pc (10 mm x 9pcs + 12 mm x 9pcs)


Comment utiliser
Séparez le patch du film le long de la ligne de coupe et
Appliquez le patch sur la zone.
Appuyez sur la zone avec votre paume pendant 2 ~ 3 secondes.


Marque: certains par mi
Capacité: 18 patchs
Zone cible: visage
Type de peau: tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
These are great

Honestly pimple patches are awesome! They work so well but these are even better because they're so affordable! It's also super satisfying to see all the gunk from the pimple on the patch when you remove it. Buy these if you still get annoying pimples!

Alicia M.
Great pimple remover!

Amazing honestly! I've tried before and sucks my zits away! Great product and defo recommend for ppl who have itchy fingers to pop pimples! Also very sanitary so I really like it

Would recommend

My friend has acne a lot and she keeps getting pimples so I bought her this and told her not to pop her pimples before using this and she says me to buy her more so it is definitely recommended.

Enkhjin A.
Clear Spot Patch

I used to use the cosrx patches, but wanted to try something else since I felt like they didn’t work anymore. So I bought these and I like them so much more. They stick better, and the results come faster.

Very pleased with these!

They are thin but stick very well, I had them on for around 16 hours : before going to bed until after my workout and they worked beautifully and really fast on pimples I had popped beforehand (I just remove the head with twizzers when white to avoid popping and squeezing) I will definitely repurchase !

Gets the Job Done

It works well and gets rid of pimples within 1 to 2 days. It also continues to stick after layering other skincare products on top, and it's a pretty good alternative for the COSRX spot patches. Overall, would recommend picking these up, especially at their low price point.

Emily S.
the best

these actually work and are so much better than other pimple patches!

they're good

I like how they stick to the face well and they pull all the gunk out. I also like the variety of sizes.


i almost used all of them. each time when i‘m putting it on my pimple the spot got tinnier and i could even go out with them. sometime i had them longer than other times on my face

Holy grail

Best patches ever. It's not a miracle of course, but my pimples are less visible and they are not so red.

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