Clio Sharp So Simple Imperproof Crayer Dinner 0.14g

# 01 Black # 02 Brown # 03 Cacao Brown
# 04 Maroon Brown # 05 Dark Brown # 06 Choco Brown

1. Fait pour mince et commodité! Le crayon de 2 mm ultra-millé attire l'œil vif.
2. La couleur noire et brun foncé peut exprimer une ligne d'oeil mince et délicate comme le meurtre.
3. La résistance à l'eau, à la sueur et à l'huile donne un aspect parfaitement vivant toute la journée.

Comment utiliser
Tracez une ligne en remplissant entre les racines de la ligne des cils.
Soulevez légèrement le stylo pour créer un maquillage pour les yeux de l'aile.

Marque: Clio
Capacité: 0,14 g
Zone cible: sourcil
Type de peau: tout type de peau
État: 100% neuf avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
excellent smudge proof

IT DOESNT TRANSFER! Great liner. I tested it by lining my upper water line and leaving my lower water line liner free and it did not transfer. I also have oily lids so i tested it out with my usual urban decay primer and it lasts longer than most. I would say only 2nd to the nyx liquid pen liner that i frequently use.

my go-to eyeliner

my daily eyeliner which i use everyday. subtle but still noticeable. a good balance. i love how it looks on my skin tone and super easy to apply. imo it’s easily can be smudged despite it’s claims but i don’t mind since it helps me shape my wing. attatched is a photo of the eyeliner on me!

so good!

this is an excellent eyeliner in all senses! I cannot believe how creamy and pigmented it is. it is easy to apply as it is thin and fine, and it’s a straightforward twist up style. for it to be this good and this affordable is really shocking. would highly recommend!

I love it!

An amazing pencil, it draws on so smoothly, and has tiny little glitters in it here and there which are just so beautiful imo. And, it won’t budge. At all. I used an oil cleanser to take it off and that’s when it came off fully but, the staying power is just amazing for such a small and lightweight pencil <3 I got mine in dark brown, and I think I’ll buy more shades, and buy again when I finish it

smooth and durable

I got 01 black and 03 cacao brown. both shades glide on easily and smoothly so it's a satisfying application. they can be fixed once you apply them easily with just your fingers but when they've set they stay put. comfortable n durable. didn't get a chance to taste if they're actually waterproof but so far it's promising. all in all I recommend them


i got 04 maroon brown, it isn't that reddish or maroony (more just a normal brown) but the liner is good nonetheless. it has a nice small tip for precise eyeliner and is smudgeable which is nice. it kind of sets after a while and stays on for the whole day.


So the colour is a not too dark neutral muted brown, that I think fits all skin tones. The size of the tip is very convenient for me, as it's not too thin but not too wide either. Just note that is has some glitter, I wasn't aware of it when I ordered it, but they are subtle and don't particularly show so I don't really mind


I bought shade dark brown and it’s great for my everyday makeup. It’s really slim, easy to use, and goes on smoothly. It also stays on pretty well throughout the day

Great eyeliner for the price

I purchased the dark brown (05), choco brown (06), and maroon brown (04). The dark and choco browns are shimmery with small glitter, however it’s not noticeable when it’s on your eye. Dark brown reminds me of Makeup by Mario’s The Perfect Brown eyeliner pencil. Choco brown is similar, but with a warm milk chocolate hue. Maroon is like a dark brick. It glides on very easily, and does not smudge. Hard to draw a super fine, sharp wing compared to liquid, but I think with practice I can do it. Definitely prefer this to real pencils that you need to sharpen!

Very resistant

I loved this liner. I have the shade 'Cacao brown' and it's a beautiful soft brown.
I like this because it is very smudge proof once it settles but you can also buff it a bit with a small brush for a more blended effect.
The tip is quite small also which is great

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