Etude House Double Fondation durable
SPF35 PA ++ 30G

# 13N1 Pure # 17C1 Vanille légère # 17N1 Neutre Vanila # 17W1 IVORY

# 21C1 PETAL # 21N1 Beige neutre # 21W1 Beige

# 23N1 Sand # 23W1 Sand au miel # 25N1 Tan # 27N1 Amber

Le système à double correction empêche la rupture du maquillage en raison de l'huile de peau, du colmatage dans les pores et de la brillance,
Vous pouvez donc garder votre maquillage le matin toute la journée.
Il est appliqué finement pour couvrir les défauts de la peau précisément, et avec une formule à construire,
Il augmente naturellement la couverture sans être épais même s'il est appliqué encore et encore.
En appliquant le système interfacial d'ancrage, il améliore l'effet de coller à la peau
Comme s'il était appliqué ou non, afin que la peau puisse respirer confortablement toute la journée.

Comment utiliser
Après avoir doucement tremblé de haut en bas avant utilisation,
Appliquez une quantité appropriée de fond de teint sur tout le visage avec la texture de la peau.
POINTE. Appuyez et étalez avec une bouffée d'eau humide avec de l'eau pour compléter la peau avec une lueur douce.
Appuyez et étalez avec une bouffée d'eau qui n'est pas mouillée avec de l'eau pour compléter une peau de couverture claire mate.

Marque: Etude House
Capacité: 30g
Zone cible: visage
Type de peau: tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
No creasing!

First foundation I've used that actually stayed on throughout the day, and didn't crease. I have combination skin type and my skin usually gets oily and causes my makeup to break-up and crease. Didn't happen with this foundation.

I love the product

I tried to contact the seller for advise because the color is lighter than i expected to see what is seller advising me, but I did not get any respond.
I love the product, good coverage but color is way lighter than expected.


The product is thin but i like the coverage. it is not so caky and pilled up. It is medium coverage and i like it
If you don't like too much coverage on your face then this will be something you might like to look into.
I personally like it

Very good

this is the perfect foundation, hands down. it isn't detectable on the skin but it has beautiful coverage. the scent is strong but lovely nonetheless. a little goes a long way! the colors do run on the lighter side and i do wish there were more shades for darker skin tones (wink wink, nudge nudge). all in all a beautiful beautiful foundation.

I love it

I purchased this foundation I choose the color tan since my skin is not fair, looks good in my skin and makes my skin looks pretty! I don't know about the coverage because right now I don't have dark spots but it helps with small marks from acne, I read people dislike the smell but personally I like it even if it's a bit strong.
I will edit my comment if It's long wearing

Sheng X.
Best foundation ever used!

I was skeptical in purchasing this foundation but so happy that I did. This was a perfect color match for me and I love the coverage on it. I am starting to have fine lines and visible pores and this foundation is wonderful. I also bought the Etude pore blurring primer and love it. I moisturize my face first, use the primer and then the foundation.


I love how blendable this foundation is, and the texture but how easily it rubs off baffles me a bit. Maybe I'm just setting it wrong, but it doesn't stay on as advertised.


Make sure you MOISTURIZE HEAVILY and PRIME if you have dry skin, or it'll dry so fast and leave your face cakey. One pump goes a LONG WAY. It's so watery that if you use a beauty blender it'll soak the product right up, so use your (clean) fingers or a brush. Good coverage though.


I have only tried this for one time since I just got it but one thing I immediately noticed was the smell. It is a very strong scent for a foundation. I usually like fragrances but even though it doesn't smell bad, it's very powerful. My husband can't stand being near my face for too long because of the smell . To him it smells bad. Positives are that it covers nicely, the shade is spot on and it really melts into the skin after a few minutes. I will still use this foundation to test it for irritation etc... but I hope I don't break out from it.

Edit : I just finished my first bottle and it works so well with my skin . It melts !

Edith B.
feels and smells delicious! I really in love

Very good product I didn’t know if the color gonna fits me well but, it was a very good surprise, long lasting and total coverture, just need to apply a littler product and feels and smells delicious! I really in love with this product! By the way I bought the petal color.

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