Innisfree jeju cerise fleur de fleur


L'extrait de feuille de fleur de cerisier Jeju tend à la peau avec claire etvitalité brillante.

La bétaïne naturelle extraite de la betterave à sucre se soucie de la peau sèche avechydratation ample.

Transforme un effet de tonalité léger et naturel sur la peau et rend la peau claire.

Comment utiliser

Prenez une quantité appropriée et étalez-la en douceur.


Marque: Innisfree
Capacité: 50 ml
Zone cible: visage
Type de peau: tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
nguyen T.
Brighten complexion

This cream is super moisturizing and brighten my complexion by a lot! I recommend using this as a primer before makeup. It made my makeup applied sooooo smooth and filled in all my pore!


this cream definitely brightens up ur skin with a noticeable difference. it is not the most moisturizing cream so when i use it, i mix in some more hydrating moisturizer.

Barbara S.

I got a little sample of it in korea and as soon as i tried it, i had to order it. it leaves my skin looking so even! i have a lot of red spots and naturally rosey cheeks and this cream helps hiding all those, i don’t feel so insecure about them anymore. it does take some time to dry down though, so i look shiny for the first 10-15 minutes but after it dries, it gives off a nice matte look

Yina W.

It makes my skin look brighter and more even. you could totally wear it just on its own if you are going for a "make up free" look or want to give your skin a break from foundation.

New holy grail!

I had just finished my old moisturiser and was looking to try something new. A friend recommended this one to me. I honestly wasn’t expecting much but I have fallen in love with it! I’ve only worn this a few times but each time it has made my skin brighter and soft looking. I even applied this before sleeping once and woke up looking bright and fresh. I’m waiting for these to go on sale again because I’ll definitely be buying a bulk load!

loving it

It smells beautifully and perfect as if you want to have a nice base for face and more important, I use it on neck area so that the make up tones aren't different between my face and neck. It's smooth my skin and very breathable.


Lovely cherry blossom scent, light pink in color, which translates to the skin. I would assume this has a whitecast, but im so white i dont notice it much. Gives a lovely gloss to your skin.


very good moisturizer and tone up cream. it makes my skin complexion look even and less discoloured. it made me look more pale so some people might not like it but I'm already pretty pale so it was fine for me.

much better than the other version

i usually bought the other version but the tube kind is so much easier to keep tidy and clean. much more hygienic and easier to access.

so pretty

this tone up cream is actually so pretty once you put it on. It might seem too pink coming out of the tube, but when it’s actually on your face, it makes your conplexion look so bright and clear.

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