Certains par mi aha bha pha 14 jours
Spot super miracle Tous Kill Cream 30ml

Crème acidule avec aha, bha, pha, truecica "et panthénol
se soucie des points troublés sainement.
La crème de type gel léger et transparent s'occupe de la peau en douceur sans étouffement ni sécheresse.
Divers ingrédients protègent et soignent la peau de façon humide et légèrement sans stimuler la peau.


Comment utiliser
Prendre une petite quantité, se propager en douceur sur les zones troublées,
et tapoter doucement pour aider à l'absorption.


Marque: certains par mi
Capacité: 30 ml
Zone cible: visage
Type de peau: tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Scars fade at lot and skin get less oily

Used in combination with the clear foam, the cream helps heal and fade acne scars. Dark spots will quickly (2-5 days) fade, but it might take a bit more to completely disappear (still, they are barely noticeable, even without any covering). I use it at night and I'm excited to check the result every morning.

Great product!

I struggle with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and was looking for a product that would be more effective in fixing that issue. This delivered so well! It’s effective while remaining fairly gentle, and does have a slight scent for those who are worried about that. Definitely will look to repurchase once I run out!


This is my favorite acne cream ever. I use it everyday before bed and when I wake up, the pimples are almost completely dried up! I have combo skin and I get acne on my T-Zone but it is way clearer after using this product. I deffo recommend it and It makes me wish I could afford the other products in the AHA BHA PHA line.

Maria D.
I love it

Very good treatment, very light, it penetrates well! It does the job without stripping the skin! It’s been helping my acne, acne scaring and hyperpigmentation! Definitely recommend and will be buying again, for sure!

Maude L.

So far some by mi products have been effective on my skin, i have pimples especially at the jawline. tried many products but when i used some by mi, it was like a miracle.. my skin instantly reacted to it that the next day my pimples started to shrink, flatten, dry up and the redness was gone.

Divina S.

I really like this as a spot gel. I have troubleskin and oily sensitive combination skin. It wont clogged pores and it is very soothing. It makes your skin really hydrated and soothing. Like it.

Just repurchased!

I got this in the DODO advent calendar last year and have just made a repurchase a year later. This was an amazing help this year with maskne spots I got from this pandemic. It calmed any spots down overnight, made a huge difference. Also its a really big size too, so it lasts for ages!


It works really well in calming down and reducing active pimples, especially the ones that have reached the white stage (almost overnight). It doesn't seem to do much for pimples under the skin though. The gel is clear, a little minty, and really soothing. The silver spout broke off not long after I started using it, but I wrapped the opening with some plastic wrap and rubber band and it's still perfectly usable.

Gentle on skin & gets rid of the acne scars

use this throughout summer for my little acne scars my little pimples especially acne scars it got rid of them over a good four weeks it’s very gentle on the skin it’s not like benzoyl peroxide or any of those harsh acne treatments you have to use it along with the other products on the line for example the toner the moisturizer and so forth but I think it’s it’s really nice


My acne scares which usually take months to fade are speeding up, spots are going and not leaving any scares! This product is being used along side the other products in this range.

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