Certains par mi aha bha pha
30 jours Miracle Serum 50ml

Il rend la peau plus radieuse, s'occupe des pores, éclaire la peau et donne une humidité profonde.
L'AHA, le BHA et le PHA sont excellents pour travailler comme des exfoliants efficaces et des nettoyeurs de peau.
Il contient un extrait d'arbre à thé de 10 000 ppm qui a de faibles stimuli
et élimine efficacement les cellules de la peau mortes.


Comment utiliser
Prenez un montant modéré et appliquez-le au visage après la tonification.


Marque: certains par mi
Capacité: 50 ml
Zone cible: visage
Type de peau: tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Candis K.
it's the best

I use this for delicate areas - I get Brazilian waxes. I use it everyday to prevent ingrown hairs and keep my skin smooth. It smells nice, feels nice, and it is the best product I have used for ingrown hair prevention.

Diane D.

As it says, this really is a miracle serum, helped decrease congestion in my skin on my face, not irritating unless paired with retinol in same application time. Ok if I use this in am and retinol in pm.


It's not a miracle product or anything, but it does what it's supposed to and it works well. I have pretty sensitive skin that dries out easily and I haven't had any issues with this, so on that aspect it's great. I'd definitely buy it again.

The best exfoliating serum I’ve used.

One of the best features of this serum is it’s super lightweight. It also comes in a huge container. It also has made my face so smooth. 10/10 product.

Love The Hydration

I freaking love this skincare line in general. My skin is infinitely better because of this line. I always notice a difference when I do not stick with it.

- Moisturizing
- Scent is great
- Value for Money is spot on
- Great for combination skin

This stuff is great and works great on my skin. Feels hydrated and I use the whole system.

Quick results

I'm amazed with the results, and the low cost. I've always used clarins products. A friend told me about this brand. I'm using this and the Moisturizer. I've been using for a month and it definitely seen a difference in the fine lines. The products are very light on the skin.

Racheal H.
So good

I absolutely love this stuff, light on your skin, not greasy or sticky feeling. I use it every morning and night!

Love this serum.

Makes my skin feel so soft and helps calm break outs. Sits well under my makeup and sunscreen. Perfect perfet serum

Surprisingly gentle

I was a bit hesitant since it's oil based, but the serum was surprisingly gentle - no skin irritations or breakouts. In fact, it did exactly what it was supposed to do: reduce blackheads and minimize breakouts

Cheeky M.
Very good

Great value and nice ingredients. As I get into skin cycling, I am realizing that when I use stuff like this daily, my oily, acne-prone skin breaks out more. Once every 3-4 days is the sweet spot for me. Now that I'm on that schedule I see more benefit and less breakout.

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