Certains par Mi Galactomyces Pure Vitamine C Glow Serum 30ml

Galactomyces et la vitamine C pure égayent clairement la peau avec une vitalité élastique.
Divers ingrédients hydratants et nourrissants tendent la peau saine avec l'équilibre.
L'éclaircissement et le sérum anti-âge ne contiennent pas d'ingrédients nocifs.


Comment utiliser
Prenez une quantité appropriée et étalez-la en douceur.


Marque: certains par mi
Capacité: 30 ml
Zone cible: visage
Type de peau: tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
pretty good

it has a nice smell to it not going to lie lol. I like how refreshing it makes my skin feels after I apply it to my face, it’s a good start if you are new to a Vitamin C serum. can’t wait to buy another one

easy to apply and not sticky

this is very watery thin texture that glides right into the skin. it isn't sticky so I can layer moisterizer and sun screen on after. I only used it for a few days so haven't noticed any brightness to my skin but will continue to use it daily

Very good quality for the price

My skin is somewhat sensitive and some serums clog my pores and make me break out. This one does not. I use it after washing my face and give it time to absorb fully before using any other face product. My skin feels smooth and looks healthy.

really true to it's adds LOVE IT!!

I haven't even used it for 30 days (been using it for 11 days now) but my skin really got better nothing happened to my pores yet but the daily redness on my skin lessened drastically and my face is smoother with softer skin and free of blackheads and old acne scars and dark spots, I'll keep using it till I run out and see the end results.

Rubi M.
First Vitamic C

Have been using this for months. The smell is pleasant and not strong at all and definitely see improvement in my complexion. Hydrating and brightening.

Sonia V.
I like it so far

I've been using it for a little over 1.5 months and I really like it. It has so brightened my dark spots and made my skin even in colour. I love it. Will update more once I'm finished the whole bottle.

Results after only 2 days of using

I am using this product now since 4 days but I already have noticed a slight difference on my skin! The redness is fading away and my skin looks more soften.

The quality of the product is impressive and it's packaging is also very sophisticated.

Amazing Serum!

It absorbs into the skin quicky and feels amazing on the skin. It didn't really get rid of my blemishes and acne scars but the day after using it your skin does look healthier and brighter. It doesn't irritate the skin. I definitely recommend this serum, this is probably my favourite serum I've ever used.

Great Vit C Serum

I haven't used other vitamin C serums so I don't have anything to compare this to, but i like it! It goes on very smoothly and is easily spreadable without a "sticky" feeling (I've been told some vit c serums have this). I do notice a positive difference when I use it consistently e.g. brightness, "glowy-ness".

Giang H.
Great product

Smoothens and hydrates my skin. Love the smell. Upon applying the product, my skin feels bouncier. I would highly recommend this product. Would totally purchase it again!

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