Dr.G 明るく皮を剥がすジェル120ml


  • 水分に満ちた天然起源セルロースは、柔らかくて低刺激剤の剥離を与えます。
  • 黒い柳はビタミンCが豊富で、Eはあなたの肌を明るくします。
  • 肌の湿気を落ち着かせる成分は、肌のテクスチャーを湿らせて滑らかにします。


  • クレンジング後、4分の1サイズの量を取り、顔全体に塗り、目と唇を慎重に避けます。
  • 小さなペレットが形成されるまで、きれいな指先を1〜2分間使用して穏やかにマッサージします。すべての残留物を温水で徹底的に洗い流します。
  • そっと軽くたたいて、通常のスキンケアルーチンをフォローします。週に1〜2回使用してください。


  • 水、セルロース、ジップロピレングリコール、トレハロース、ブチレングリコール、フォーネズオフィシナリス(マッシュルーム)抽出物、アルテアロゼアフラワーエキス、アロエバルバデンシス葉抽出物、ディオスピロスカキリーフエキス、ルスセミアラタガルエキス、ベチュラプラタイラジャポニカバークエクストラク、グラッカバルカイクター(甘草)根抽出物、サリックスニグラ(柳)樹皮抽出物、アセテート、アスコルビルグルコシド、クロルフェネシン、カプリルヒドロキサミン酸、カプリリルグリコール、グリセリン、PEG-60水素化キャスカーオイル、アラント酸塩/CL0-30 ALKYLATE 、水酸化カリウム、Disodium edta


  • ブランド :Dr.G
  • 容量:120ml
  • ターゲットエリア:顔
  • 肌の種類:すべての肌タイプ
  • 条件:オリジナルボックスを備えた100%真新しい
  • 原産国:韓国

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dr. G. - Brightening Peel Gel

Love, Love this product! After use masks and moisturizers are absorbed much better resulting in radiant beautiful skin. I use once a week. and a must have in skin routine.

Cole S.
love it

this product is great, i have skin that if not exfoliated 2x a week will build up and create breakouts. this product is amazing, it exfoliates so well and is so gentle that my skin never gets irritated. will definitely repurchase

Samantha O.
In Love

My skin always feels so soft and smooth after using this. I have quite sensitive skin and this has not give me any kind of negative reaction. I've used this a few times and I already know it's going to be in my skincare arsenal for a long time!

Anguita A.
The ideal peel for sensitive skin

My skin is very sensitive and suffers from rosacea, so I was reluctant to use chemical peels, but on the recommendation of an acquaintance I decided to try it, and I couldn't be happier.

This product leaves the skin luminous, smooth and very soft without irritating it. It looks like magic!

Escriva P.
I like

Good exfoliant, gentle, does not irritate. everything correct. Correct. It is one of those that makes balls as you massage.

Yachih C.Y.
very good product

I like it a lot, I use it once a week and I love how it leaves my skin, I even notice sun spots faded


It brightened my skin and felt really soft, it was too gentle on my skin and I didn't feel or see any irritation. I recommend it for people who also have a sensitive skin type.

Ísabel C.
Great Product

has a hint of eucalyptus fragrance. it takes off a realistic amount of dead skin and it cleans the skin well. it leaves my skin feelings soft and not irritated at all <3 also the bottle was bigger than I expected

Great exfoliator

i was in need of an exfoliator and came acrossed this.

the first time I tried it I was impressed as it scrubed up quite nicely and it didn't feel harsh on my skin. I wil be able to use this 2-3 times a week. and hopefully it will get rid of my white heads / mini bumps. it is also a good size for the price.

Ultimate favorite

My favorite peeling gel, affordable and achieves maximum results. It makes my skin super smooth afterwards and up until I use it again which is about every 4-5 days. It was recommended by Michelle Phan but really I've known this product for many years and it's been many peoples holy grail. highly recommend.

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