COSMEDICIAN Aqua Wimple Cream 50ml

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[COSMEDICIAN] Aqua Wimple Cream - 50mlDescriptionAqua Wimple Cream moisturizes the skin as it ripples, supplying the moisture in the skin to give a sense of moisture. Aloe vera leaf juice powder and hyaluronic acid maintain a sufficient amount of moisture in the skin to keep the skin barrier tight, evaporate...

[COSMEDICIAN] Aqua Wimple Cream - 50ml

Aqua Wimple Cream moisturizes the skin as it ripples, supplying the moisture in the skin to give a sense of moisture. Aloe vera leaf juice powder and hyaluronic acid maintain a sufficient amount of moisture in the skin to keep the skin barrier tight, evaporate from the skin.
It is a complex ingredient of a combination of firm belief and biotechnology of GENEDNA BIO CLINIC SYSTEM. C-REPAIR COMPLEX is effective for soothing, elasticity and moisturizing the skin by soothing dry and sensitive skin with 6 types of peptide which is effective for anti-aging while Aqualicia and panthenol needed for moisturizing and soothing the skin.
_- Resveratrol and C-repair Complex provide nutrition and moisture to the exposed skin after peeling care to activate the new turn-over to the skin so that the skin can regain vitality and helps the skin that lost vitality due to anti-oxidant effect of ethyl ferulate and free-radicals inside the skin regenerate freely. *It is more effective to receive a care for AQUA WIMPLE CREAM from an aesthetic expert.
Directions for the use
1. Consult a specialist when there is any irritation or side effect as red mark, swelling, or itchiness on your skin by direct sunlight during or after using the cosmetics.
2. Refrain from using on areas where there is a wound.
3. Precautions for storage and handling
_1) Keep the product out of the reach of small children.
_2) Avoid direct sunlight.

PEPTIDE COCKTAIL-6 - Strengthens skin barrier, anti-aging, skin soothing effect
AQUALICIA - Excellent moisture supply capacity and moisturizing ability
PANTHENOL - Vitalization of skin turn-over and rapid dermal penetration
_Natural skin moisturizing net that keeps moisture for a long time - Aloe vera leaf juice powder contains various ingredients such as vitamins A, C, D, E, B12, fatty acids, amino acids and calcium. Aloe vera leaf juice helps moisturize the skin and softens the stratum corneum of the skin surface and forms a skin moisturizing net so that the supplied moisture does not easily escape. It helps to maintain healthy skin by providing conditioning to the skin and is effective in managing the skin damaged from the outside and helps to maintain a comfortable skin condition by providing a calming effect on damaged skin.
_Hyaluronic acid, the basis of skin moisture and elasticity - Hyaluronic acid, which stays in the skin and plays an essential role in maintaining the structure of the skin, is a highly hydrophilic substance capable of attracting moisture 1,000 times of its own weight and helps to keep the proper amount of moisture in the skin with such features. This not only has excellent moisture content, but also has a high viscosity, which supports the composition of other tissues, giving volume and clear skin tone.
_Skin moisturizing effect - Hyaluronic acid, a material that is responsible for keeping moisture among important elements of the skin, has an ability to strengthen the skin's barrier against external stimuli and maintains moisture to form a skin protection film. Hyaluronic acid holds the moisturizing film on the surface of the skin and penetrates deep into the skin to protect the skin from the outside, maintaining a smooth and long lasting moisture for the skin.
Moisture supply
Soft application

Product name: Aqua Wimple Cream
Capacity: 50 ml
Manufacturer: COSMEDICIAN
Country of Manufacture: South Korea


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COSMEDICIAN Aqua Wimple Cream 50ml
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