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Delivering uniform HIFU energy to targeted skin layers, forming 20 ultra-dense high-tension cores per shot for precise targeting. The first at-home ULTHERA device improves skin elasticity and activates regeneration without causing damage. Please meet this innovative Korean the best HIFU solution.


2.0 Cartridge - 50,000 Shots
FREE GIFT : 2 Ultrasonic Gels + 1 Dr. Back Cream




  • Model name: HOMETHERA
  • Country of manufacture: Republic of Korea
  • Size: 40
  • Weight: 350g (including cartridge)
  • Rated voltage and power consumption: 110-220V
  • Frequency: About 7.5 MHz
  • Number of shots / number of dots: 100,000 shots / 2,000,000 dots
  • Energy intensity: 1~5 level adjustment



Please check the video tutorial carefully. Enjoy youthful skincare at home

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
The Best Product

It's so good because I got it at home instead of going to the dermatologist! As I'm in my mid-30s, I can see that my wrinkles are losing their elasticity, so I bought it thinking I need to take care of it from now on. I'm not sure yet, but I'll leave a review after using it diligently for a month.

Amazing product

So far, I don't feel like my face has changed significantly after using it, but my skin feels a little better the next day. When I look at my face every day, there are times when I don't notice any changes, but when I see my friends after a long time, they say that their faces have become more elastic after using it! I will have to use it consistently to find out, but so far I am satisfied with it and am using it well. I remember to use 2.5 and 4.5 together once a week!

Tawnya M.
Just wow

(One-month review) I am leaving a one-month review. As soon as I used it for the first time, I felt the elasticity and contour came back. Since I am a man, there was no major discomfort even when I set the power to 5. The jaw line and elastic contour are clearly different. Even if you diet, the jowl fat does not go away well, but this mainly works on the chin area. I think it will keep my slimmer shape well if I use it. I will continue to use it in the future, continue to purchase cartridges, and take good care of it at home. I have been recommending it to my acquaintances a lot these days.

Crystal O.

I am constantly using home therapy. I used it once a week for 2 years. It definitely seemed effective, so I bought a new cartridge this time! I've been to the dermatologist and tried everything, but there's nothing better than home therapy :)

One of the best

I am posting a review of Home Cera purchase~
I bought it because I felt like my jawline was collapsing in my mid-40s.
Compare Home Thera with other famous devices for a few days.
I chose a home therapy that can use 2.0 and 4.5 cartridges.
I used it twice after receiving the product. After using it, my face color became brighter.
It takes makeup well. I'm doing deep cheeks on my jawline with a 4.0, but my jawline is getting more consistent.
I think I should try it. It will help if I use it consistently, right?
I will post a review after using it for a month.
Even with the 2.0 cartridge for the forehead, it feels like it is being delivered to the brain.
I'm not in a good mood so I can't do my forehead well.


I used it twice after purchasing it. The right side of my face is a little more saggy, so I shot more of my right cheek with 4.5, and they also did a thorough job focusing on my double chin. Since I have a thick double chin, I shoot the 4.5 first and then the 2.0 as well. I'm still not good at shooting many shots at once, but I'm already seeing results. The left-right asymmetry has decreased and my double chin has become slightly slimmer. I will write for a month and leave another review.

Miriam S.
I love it

When purchasing a beauty device for the first time
I was thinking of trying something cheaper first.
I decided to buy it because it seemed to be the best in the industry.
It worked much better for my husband than for me.
I still don't know
I removed 1 star. 5 stars after a month
I will try to write it carefully too!
My husband usually doesn't even apply sunscreen.
Now that I'm in my 40s, my skin condition, including blemishes and wrinkles, is a mess.
I decided to buy it to use as a couple.
The effect is visible right after using it.
Now take care of whether you are satisfied with it.
They say they should try it
Do it consistently
I will try it every week and post a review after a month.

Pat F.

After doing a lot of searching on the internet, the product I chose was Home Cera. I bought it with great intentions, but I'm worried about whether it will be effective. First, I will use it consistently and post a review in a month. I think it will definitely be effective as it is not a small amount.

Lorraine K.
I love it

I made the purchase after kindly consulting with a counselor about any questions I had before purchasing. Normally, no matter what I do, I'm not interested in changes, but after one facial massage, my face became plump, smaller, and prettier. After hearing what my husband said and looking in the mirror, I was completely satisfied. It was
Since it was my first time using it, I wasn't used to it so I couldn't use the shot properly, but I was surprised by the great effect. I'll post a review after using it consistently. It's a bit disappointing that I didn't upload a picture, perhaps because I'm doing something wrong.

Very Good

As a wedding gift, I received a home therapy instead of a bag or watch.
Haha, I'm in my mid-30s and I'm worried that my skin is starting to age, but I'm scared of the cost and pain of going to the dermatologist.
I chose, studied, and chose Home Therapy.
I tried it as soon as it arrived. I was scared because I had no experience in dermatology care, so I only tried step 1, but with a thorough(?) pat.
It didn't feel painful. I'll gradually upload it and enjoy it.
The gel and cream that came with it are nice and non-irritating :)
I will continue to use it for a month and post again!

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