#Jaws Balm


#Urban Rose

#Sunset Freesia

#Full Bloom


#Black Berry

JUL7ME Perfume Hair Essence 80ml

Dipropylene Glycol, the moisturizing ingredient that attracts the surrounding moisture
and prevent evaporation at the same time provide instant moisture to the hair.
Containing various plant extracts, you can feel fresh moisture without being oily,
and it does not leave any residue on your hands and hair.
After the 81st fragrance test, it realized a luxury fragrance
with the first fragrance company's steering technology in Korea.
Plant-derived ingredients such as coconut penetrate into damaged hair
to provide nutrition and form a protective film to protect hair health.
Since it contains more than 70% of natural ingredients, it can be reapplied frequently without worry.

#Jaw Balm (Vict*** Sec** Lo** Spe** st.)
Tropical & Lemon / Freesia / Musk
#Rose&Lily (Mar** Jac** Aur** st.)
Peach & Lemon / Jasmine & Rose / Sandal Wood
#Urban Rose (CHA** Made*** st.)
Clementine & Green / Muguet & Violet / Patchouli & Vanilla
#Sunset Freesia (Jo Ma*** Eng** Pe** & Fre** st.)
English Pear & Lemon / Rose & Lily of the Valley / Woody & Amber
#Full Blossom (LAN** Ecl** D’Ap** st.)
Apple & Green / Jasmin & Freesia / Woody & Amber)
English Pear & Lemon / Rose & Lily of the Valley / Woody & Amber
#Woody&Musk (Dipt** Dos** st.)
Fresh Green / Orange Flower / Woody & Musk
#Black Berry (Jo Ma*** Bla** & Be** st.)
Berry & Lime / Jasmin & Lily of the Valley / Woody & Musk

How to use
Whether it is wet or dry hair, apply it whenever you need moisture.
Lightly sweep the hair so that the essence is absorbed well into the hair.
TIP. Even if you apply it over dry hair, it does not clump the hair and gives a fresh finish.

Brand : JUL7ME

Capacity : 180ml
Target Area : Hair
Skin Type : All skin type
Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

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