LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask 20g

Vitamin C-rich Berry Mix Complex™, containing raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry extracts,
erases dry and flaky dead skin on the lips during the night
to realize smooth and supple lips the next morning.
MOISTURE WRAP™, Hyaluronic acid mineral network, forms a moisturizing film
to help lock-in active ingredients and the skin to absorb and retain moisture through the night.
Containing coconut oil, it moisturizes dry lips,
which rapidly increases moisture evaporation during sleep.
With 4 sweet and refreshing scents, it helps you feel good and comfortable at night.
#Grapefruit - A lively scent of citrus with a hint of sweet and fresh grapefruit.

How to us
Before going to bed, apply a liberal amount with the spatula.
※ Effect : Melts stubborn dead skin cells and provides abundant moisture to skin during nighttime.
The next morning, gently wipe skin clean with tissue or cotton pad.
※ Effect : Makes the lips smooth and elastic by removing dead skin cells.

Capacity : 20g
Target Area : Lips
Skin Type : All skin type
Condition : 100% Brand New with original box
Country of origin : Republic of Korea

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Chiara b.
best lip mask ever

i love it and it has a small thing to apply the mask on your lips, it is so hydrating and so glowy, it seems to wear a lip gloss and not a lip balm, really cute but i didn't like the smell


The color and smell are very nice. I love it’s not too sticky and feels good on the lips.

the best lip mask

I have so many different lip balms and lip mask but this one is gonna be my favourite. It heals and moisturises my lips effectively and quickly even I have super chapped lips. I love to apply a thick layer before bed, just make my lips very healthy and smooth.


i loved how nice that this had felt on my lips! SUPER creamy when i was using the spatula to pick up the product. was a bit sticky at first, but it was fine! it moisturized my lips in the end and they feel extremely smooth. also great taste

Makes your lips so soft!

I have very dry lips which gets worse during winter. I used this mask for a month and it made my lips so soft. Unlike other lip balms it also lasts for a long time on your lips. This is a must buy!

best lip mask

This is honestly the best lip product I use it every night and it repairs my lips, in the morning I STILL HAVE THE PRODUCT ON, it’s really occlusive and doesn’t dry during the night! I haven’t had chapped lips in so long since I started using it. I first bought the mini versions but after finishing two of them I had to buy the original version, this time in the Grapefruit flavor (but I have to say I prefer the berry one). This is the only lip product that I can say really works.

Jade R.

I love this lip mask. The smell is soo good and it keeps my lips moisturized for so long. 10/10. Plus it sooooo cute!

Better than Vaseline

I’ve used the berry one before and loved it, so I decided to buy another one in a different flavor. I got the grapefruit one, and it has a really nice scent!

Very good

just received it from the look it looks amazing but gonna do a real review on my tiktok

Moist Lips

like the light grapefruit scent when applying at night and the moist lips that it imparts in the morning

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