Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad 120ea

Two types of cotton swabs fit perfectly with the Klairs toner.
Double your skin-care effect with 5x compressed cotton and water-filled sponge cotton.
Smooth skin with 100% pure cotton wool.
It is recommended to use it in all stages of functional products
by assisting the absorption of skincare products to be used later.
 Sponge cotton reduces toner usage and makes it more moisturized.
It is made of pulp fabric with an air-laid process like a sponge.
It does not absorb toner but absorbs all of it to the skin, unlike normal cosmetic cotton.
It is suitable for use as a water-based package
when absorbing or absorbing the skin rather than wiping it.

How to use
STEP 1 : After cleansing, thoroughly soak the Klairs toner in the compressed cotton,
wipe it lightly along with the skin texture, and clean up waste products and keratin.
STEP 2 : After completing step 1, take an appropriate amount of Claw toner
on the sponge cotton soaked in it, then tap it gently to absorb it.

 Brand : Klairs
Capacity: 120ea
Target Area : Face
Skin Type : All Skin Types 
Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box
Country of origin : Republic of Korea 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Simply amazing

The cotton pads are great but a little expensive. The mini mask pads are really worth it. It allows you to make your own sheet mask and helps a lot when there are trouble areas that need extra care. Strongly recommended!!

2 types for different purpose

I really like korean cotton pads that they're multifunctional. You can use it for cleansing purpose with a toner or soak them with essence lotion to give the skin a moisture treatment. This package contains 2 types of cotton pads.

Very nice

These cotton pads are very nice because they come with two different formats. One is finer to wipe toner on your face while the other is thicker so you can use it as a diy toner pad.

Does its job

The tonor pads are nice and I haven't had any problems with them. One thing though is that you need to open it from the side to get each of the tonor pads. I thought that each one would be two sided and opened it from the top. I was confused because I couldn't tell which side was which but I was just using the Sponge Cotton pad. Don't make my mistake and open it from the side.


Good toner pads! One is thinner and has a veeeeerrrryyy slight roughness to it, to aid in wiping things off. The other is thicker, more bouncy, ideal for soaking toner onto your face. Howe ver they're both versatile so I would give the same functions to both.

Kins D.
interesting useful toner pads!

half of these are just your regular cotton pads which are great, do as you'd expect but the other half are these really cool sponge-y pad that soak up even the tiniest amount of product you put on them and then don't leak/spill until you press them onto your skin. if you're worried about using too much of a really liquid-y toner but you still want to deposit enough to cover your face - these sponge pads are amazing! best way to keep from wasting product!


I love them!! i used them to remove nail polish or removing makeup. They have two different texture (compressed cotton and a sponge cotton) i would recommend

A piece of heaven on your face

I really don’t like using cotton pads beacuse they always fall apart en leave this tendrells of cotton on my face. They feel really harsh in my face so i haven’t been using it at all. Until i saw these cotton pads of klairs. These pads are on another level they don’t fall apart and feel heavenly on my face. My face is not irritated at all and it doesn’t suck up all your product so it doesn’t go to waste. All the product just goes on to your face. These are really amazing both pads are diffrent but excellent. I’m definitely repurchasing them again!!

Very versatile and handy

Love how this is different to the generic toner pads you can buy. One type is the general cotton wipe to remove impurities for use with a toner, whilst the other type is the highly absorbent pad that can be used for applying essence. Not a must buy in my books (as you can apply things without cotton pads) but definitely worth a purchase when on sale.

Great product!

This is so much better than the Western cotton pads I've been using. They really put some thought into creating these cotton pads. There are 2 types in this package. One type is thin, stiffer with tiny embossed lines, grooves. These are great for when I need to apply a swipe of cleansing toner (the texture also helps swipe away dry, dead skin cells) or when if I need to use it for waterproof eye makeup remover. It's thin so no extra product is wasted. The other type of cotton pads in this package is spongy so it's good to hold in hydrating toner because it releases the product and deposits onto the skin when you press on it. Really, really great product.

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