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Too Cool For School Art Class by Rodin 3-Color Face Shading, Contour 9.5g 3 reviews
Too Cool For School Art Class By Rodin3-Color Face Shading 9.5g Features Multi-shading for various applications such as skin tone, nose, and hairline. Transparent Plate Powder Produces vivid and natural skin expressionas if powder with high transparency and smooth surface is...
MERZY In The Multi-use Contour Palette 9.5g with Brush
MERZY In The Multi-use Contour Palette 9.5g with Brush Features The highlighter and shading in two stages are divided into a golden ratio considering the frequency of use.A color combination of shadow shades that fit most naturally, neither red nor...
ROM&ND Better Than Shape (2 Colors)
[ROM&ND] rom&nd Better Than Shape (2 Colors) Description #01 OAT GRAIN - It is a gray-brown color as if putting a drop of gray in a brown color that is without yellow tone. #02 WALNUT GRAIN - Warm-brown color without...
HERA Face Designing Bronzer 10g
  HERA Face Designing Bronzer   Features A shading pact to add dimension to the face with a clear, natural shading effect.   How to use Put a good amount on 1/2 of one side of the brush. Apply along...
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