Elizavecca Witch Piggy Hell Pore Patch Spot Spot (44ea)
Taille du patch: 12 mm x 12/10 mm x 8/8 mm x 24.
Méthode de préservation: conteneur, stockage à température ambiante (1-30 ° C).
Créé avec de l'adhésif à fusion chaude2, du carboxylméthyl-cellulose de sodium, du film de polyuréthane (sans colorant et translucidité).
Comment utiliser
Après le nettoyage, tonifier la zone avec des problèmes de peau et attendre qu'il sèche.
Séparez le patch du film le long de la ligne de coupe et appliquez le patch sur la zone.
Appuyez sur la zone avec votre paume pendant 2 ~ 3 secondes.
Une fois que le centre du patch est devenu blanc en raison de l'extrait de PUS, retirez le patch.
Marque: Elizavecca
Pays d'origine: République de Corée
Zone cible: Face - Type de peau: Tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Capacité: 44ea

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Really effective!

i bought this as a cheaper alternative to the wishtrend pimple patches and they work great if not better! maybe they are too strong for some, as it leaves a little indent in the skin after removal but it vanishes after some time and leaves no scaring after the pimple

very handyyy

it definitely works better than cosrx. All the gunk in my pimple was sucked out in a shorter period of time too!! just make sure there is an opening in your pimple first before you stick it on!

Lanlan C.
Good Pimple Patches!

I really like this brand of pimple patches the price is very affordable and the patches differ in size for different blemishes! Would recommend buying!

Calms Down Blemishes and Stays Put!

These pimple patches really do help calm down pimples and are very subtle when wearing them. I wore one under makeup when I went out and no one noticed ! It stayed in place and my pimple was barely there the next day! Also, love the variety of sizes - very convenient!

Chiara C.
good patches

I find these patches very cheap and good, they are useful when you have some irritated pimple, I apply them in the evening before going to sleep and the following day I remove them

good price

i like this product a lot but i only use it when i’m at home all day or overnight. it takes out most of the gunk and holds well on the skin. i wouldn’t recommend wearing it outside as it makes my pimples look bigger. there’s a great amount of patches for the price and if you cut them, they’ll last even longer!

good spot patch

honestly compared to cosrx patches i find pretty much no difference to it. you do get more patches for the price with this one though. overall a solid product and i have no complaints. packaging will keep this product fresh and good to use for logn time.


haven't used them yet, but i assume they'll work as well as any other acne patch. you get a lot of patches for a smal price which is nice

Zsófia S.
The best pimple patch!

Pimple patches are not new to me, however this one was. I didn't expect much as I used the one from Cosrx before and while it was good, it was nowhere near perfect. I needed at least 2 patches to calm my pimples but often they didn't even work. But this? This is perfect. You will get double the patches for the same amount of money and these actually WORK, like really. It makes even my biggest pimples disappear in a couple of hours. Now I will buy at least 3 more packages, it is that good!

Better than the famous COSRX

This is cheaper than COSRX and way better! Super worth it, it does it job to dry up pimple quickly, and you get exactly 44 patches for a very cheap price. It also fits my skin tone very well, and it's very thin that it'll be less noticeable when you wear it outside to avoid embarrassing red pimple.

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