Holika Holika Bon Cera
Super Ceramide Mist 120 ml


  • Super hydratant brouillard apaise la peau et offre une humidité abondante avec du céramide.
    Testé dermatologiquement.
    Hydratant, apaisant et lissant avec des huiles
  • d'orange, de citronnelle, de camomille, de bergamote, de géranium et d'autres plantes.

Comment utiliser

  • Vaporisez une quantité appropriée sur le visage à une distance de 20 cm
  • et taper doucement la peau pour favoriser l'absorption dans la peau.


  • Marque : Holika Holika
  • Capacité: 120 ml
  • Zone cible: visage
  • Type de peau: tous les types de peau
  • État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
  • Pays d'origine: République de Corée

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
it's the best

Omg this mist is very micro of all!!!! I love the way it was made perfectly for us. I also use this as a makeup setter it make my makeup last longer

Great product

I love this toner mist. It's perfect to use as the first part of my skincare routine, and it's great to use throughout the day when your skin is feeling a bit dry.

Selma G.
So good

This mist is so good. Such a nice smell. Very convenient and very effective. So moisturizing. I didn’t have high expectations but wow I would repurchase it again. I thought spray mists weren’t good but this is so cool it could even be considered a cream. Totally recommend

So luxurious

First of all, this sprays out in such a fine mist that you really feel like it is going into all the pores of your skin. Also, it smells great, skin looks/feels tighter, and packaging is amazing! So worth the money

Great mist

This is a great hydrating mist and it does a great job of prepping skin before the rest of your skincare. It's nourishing and hydrating without being sticky or making your skin oily, and it has a nice fine mist. It has a mild fragrance, as all the other cera products.


I didn't think I would love it as much as I do ! I love the refreshing citrussy smell, it's super hydrating and calming on my skin. I will 100% repurchase. However, I'm not a fan of the fact that WE can't really see how much product is left because or the opaque yellow packaging.

Good for Your Skin Barrier !

This spray mist is just what I need, I only have 1 other mist that I use in the morning and am trying to build up some barrier strengthening products to use before I apply my retinol/tretinoin at night and use on my recovery nights. I have used this and the Good Cera cream last night with my tretinoin and it felt like a really good combination, my skin was glowing with goodness this morning, super happy with my purchase!

Skin Loves it!

My skin was breaking out with hormonal acne and cystic acne due to pore clogging and heavy moisturizers. This has completely helped save my skin!! It is light while still being so moisturizing. I am able to apply through day and just pat it in to my skin. If you are thinking about this product I would recommend it 110%

Nice and hydrating

I really enjoy this mist. It's really fine and hydrating. I use it in between my skin care steps, for extra boost of hydration and over my make up. Highly recommend


the mist bottle is really awesome. once its empty you can just decant any other lotion into it and reuse the bottle

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