Missha Super Aqua 10 Acide hyaluronique
Gel de pelage ultra hyalron 100 ml

Un gel exfoliant formulé avec de la cellulose naturellement dérivée qui aide à éliminer les cellules de la peau mortes
et des impuretés pour révéler un teint rayonnant, plus lisse et translucide.
Formulé avec 10 types d'acides hyaluroniques, ce gel exfoliant donne une explosion d'humidité
Pendant que vous nettoyez la peau. Le complexe éclaircissant aide à égayer le teint terne.
Les ingrédients adaptés à la peau aident à apaiser et à protéger la peau.
Un cocktail d'extrait de racine Paeonia Suffruticosa, extrait de fruits au citron vert, extrait de fruits de citron, extrait de fruits de pomme, extrait de fruits de raisin et extrait de fruits orange.

Comment utiliser
Après le nettoyage, prenez une petite quantité de pelage sur vos mains sèches
et étalez-le sur un visage sec en évitant l'œil et la zone des lèvres.
Massez doucement votre visage maintenant circulaire, de sorte que les cellules mortes de la peau et les impuretés sont libérées.
Lavez-vous ensuite le visage avec de l'eau tiède.
Recommandé 1 à 2 fois par semaine.

Marque: Missha
Capacité: 100 ml / 3,38 fl.oz
Zone cible: visage
Type de peau: tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I wanted a peeling gel that was different to the touch even if it was made with cellulose, and this formulation is perfect because the cellulose is not coarse enough to make jelly and sticks between the fingers but is ultra fine and thin and when rubbed on the face it has a very effective microexfoliating action and delicate, and combined with the hydrating action of hyaluronic acid it is perfect.

super peeling

I clean my face with it about twice a week. It has become a must have, I am very satisfied and would always recommend it to others

Marina D.

I wanted to try an exfoliant with a mechanical action that wasn't aggressive for my skin and this one does its job very well. The granules inside are tiny, massage gently on your face and then rinse well. Delicious citrus scent, leaves the skin refreshed and smooth

The maximum

I've been using this product for years and I've lost count of how many bottles I've bought. Super great, with a little water then the cream, you rub the face and it becomes like dead skin, it has removed the dead, dry skin and dirt.


Excellent gel scrub. I recommend. It perfectly exfoliates dead skin on the face, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Maike D.
great skin feeling

Used after cleansing, the product creates a really great, clean feeling on the skin. It appears clearer and more radiant.

sheyla M.
Exfoliante Suave

It is a very gentle exfoliant, ideal for sensitive skin, I really like it because it leaves my skin very soft and not dry at all, rather hydrated. I hope they have the 300ML version because I always see it out of stock or it takes a long time to have stock 🥲 , for that reason I bought the 100ML one. but a very good product

Bettina A.S.
shockingly good!

It's shocking what this extremely delicate peeling can do to old skin. Afterwards you still have no irritation and the price/performance ratio is also right. This peeling is now part of my morning care routine

Jassim J.
I like it

This product is comfortable to use. It feels like the particles inside will scratch the face, but they do not harm the face in any way.

this is amazing.

I have never found an exfoliater this good. it exfoliates flawlessly, but doesn't irritate the skin at all.

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