Nature République apaisante et humidité
Gel apaisant Aloe Vera à 92% 300 ml


  • L'un des articles les plus vendus du monde, ce gel apaisant de Nature Republic,
  • avec contient, l'aloe vera organique certifié en Californie, CCOF,
  • est doux pour la peau et peut être utilisé pour hydrater partout
  • y compris le visage, le corps, les ongles et les cheveux.

Comment utiliser

  • Appliquez une quantité appropriée aux parties sèches et sensibles du visage et du corps
  • souvent pour les meilleurs résultats.


  • Marque: Nature Republic
  • Capacité: 300 ml
  • Zone cible: visage, corps
  • Type de peau: tous les types de peau
  • État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
  • Pays d'origine: République de Corée

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

You get a lot in a pot for the price, it smells great, makes me feel fresher and sinks into the skin completely (no residue or grease). After about 2 weeks using it I noticed my spots diminished. I use it with Benton's snail bee essence so I'm not sure if my skin is better due to one of them or the combination of both, but I will definitely continue them both!


The amount of product you get for the price is quite a lot which is a plus. It's nice and soothing when applied, but i don't think it makes much difference on my pimples.

Sana F.
it's the best

I love this aloe Vera gel. It’s soothing , refreshing and lasts so long. I’ve had my kar for months and it’s still half full. Not to mention the smell is so good. I love it.


I have super dry skin to the point that it’s really oily. I have tried multiple moisturisers trying to hydrate my skin but none work. They are all too thick and feel oily and greasy or too thin and do nothing. After trying this soothing gel for the past few days I can say that this is a really good moisturiser, it’s not really a gel as it’s kinda watery but it absorbs so fast and you can feel it seeping into your skin. My dry patches are instantly gone and my skin feels​ so much more smooth.

Great gel

I love the feeling when I apply the gel. It is nicely cooling and somehow relaxing. After the gel I put a moisturizer and my skin is very happy with this combination.It is bright and smooth. I was really suprised with the size of the gel. It will defenitely last for few more months.


I highly recommend this product if youre acne prone! if you have normal skin, also worth the investment. It is a multitool for skin and hair care, and is a really generous amount that lasts for MONTHS (im at my 8th month and its barely halfway). Its hard to overdo this product too, at most it will feel really sticky for a minute before being absorbed. It also lessens the redness of any blemishes you have tremendously. Also helps with frizzy, unmoisterised hair too.

Great for the price

I would say this is a must-try. It is very cheap and popular for a reason. I saw this being sold in Myeongdong a lot when I visited Korea and was curious why. The gel is very moisturizing and just seeps into my skin in seconds. I really enjoy using gel moisturizers since I have oily skin, and this does the trick.

It's soothing

I really like this product. This aloe gel helps soothe the skin and can be used for both the face and body. Unfortunately it doesn't moisturize enough. The jar is big and may be a bit messy. It has a refreshing scent. Overall it's good.

Soo Y.L.

I have never tried a gel type moisturizer till now! It feels really moisturizing and it makes my skin smoother and less oily!

Great for calming acne prone skin!

I use this every night as an overnight hydrating mask and it's definitely helped calm my breakouts and sensitive skin. By the time I wake up my face is more even in tone & smooth!

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