BEAUTÉ ZOMBIE par SKIN1004 Peluche sanglante


  • - Contenu élevé stabilisé de l'AHA 17%
  • - L'extrait de fruits de pomme élimine doucement les cellules mortes de la peau et la vitamine C illumine le teint terne.
  • - Des recettes de nourriture rouge de la nature, comme les tomates, les betteraves rouges, le paprika et le complexe de baies, calment la peau rapidement et efficacement.
  • Point 01. combinaison bien proportionnée de composants AHA et BHA pour faire adapter la peau sèche et la peau grasse / combinée pour ne laisser que la peau lisse et saine.
  • Point 02. Le miracle après 60 secondes. 60 secondes d'investissement, un jour par semaine, laisse une peau douce et douce.
  • Point 03. In Contient l'extrait de fruits Solanum Lycopersicum (tomate),
  • Extrait de racine Beta Vulgaris (betterave), extrait de fruits de Capsicum annuum, complexe de baies.

Comment utiliser

  • Étape 01. Nettoyez le maquillage et d'autres déchets.
  • Étape 02. Avec le compte-gouttes, appliquez une quantité appropriée sur la zone du visage, sauf pour les yeux et la bouche.
  • Étape 03. Appliquez-le en fonction de la texture de votre peau et laissez-la pendant 1 ~ 2 minutes.
  • Étape 04. Lavez-vous soigneusement votre visage avec de l'eau tiède afin qu'elle ne vous gêne pas.
  • CONSEIL! Laissez-le pendant 1 minute et lavez-le avec de l'eau.


  • Marque : SKIN1004
  • Capacité: 30 ml
  • Zone cible: visage
  • Type de peau: tous les types de peau
  • État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
  • Pays d'origine: République de Corée

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Nice product

Hello, a reddish effect after half an hour, then you have to hydrate the skin well, I liked how it leaves it, I use it once every two weeks.

It's the best

A very professional product. I have baby bump skin after using it! I recommend to everyone !


This is not for you if you have sensitive or reactive skin. This is a potent formula and even my tough skin turned bright red after having the product on for only five minutes. It is very effective but I think it's better suited for skin from the neck down.

Laura N.

I switched to this after using the ordinary peeling solution. The bloody peel stood out to me as it said it was gentle and only took 1-2 minutes for the peel to work which was great as the ordinarys said to leave on for 10 minutes. I am always looking to make my skincare routine more efficient so this was great. Just after one use my skin was extremely smooth and brighter in appearance - I also had no sensitivity! Definitely will repurchase.


I have no experience with peels. After reading some reviews, I put a layer on my face and waited a couple of minutes. After washing with a gentle cleanser, my skin was so smooth. If your skin is sensitive, then maybe do a patch test first. This is strong.


I had my doubts when ordering this because of how much I don't trust the at home type of products. Surprisingly this was very gentle on my skin and actually helped my skin get rid of some unwanted impurities. It now feels so much smoother and even looks better. I would order based on how sensitive your skin is, however.

Allison M.
Very good on mature skin

I was afraid to use it, but it works perfectly on my mature skin. After only use it once, my skin is more soft e luminous.


An incredible product. It removes dead skin and leaves my skin clean and fresh.

Kak S.
Good one

Do not have experience of using peelings, but this one very strong and good one. Skin become more silky and bright.


Get ready for a very soft though very effective peeling! I absolutely love this brand!

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