Innisfree 皮脂ミネラルパウダー5gはありません


    • 脂性肌のないマットな赤ちゃんの肌を作成するための皮脂コントロールパウダー

  • - 額、鼻などのふわふわした領域
    - 前髪と分割
    - 午後の頭の上に油
    - メイクの最後のステップ、マスクを着る前に汚れを心配しないでください
    - 犬のオイルに悩まされている雄の肌


  • 内容物をパフ/ブラシに置き、オイルに軽く塗ります。


  • シリカ、アルミニウム澱粉コハク酸塩、ジメチコン/ビニルジメチコンクロスポリマー、カプリリック/カプリックトリグリセリド、ミカ、メチコン、エチルヘキシルグリセリン、ジメチコン、グリセリルカプリル酸、ミネラル塩、トコポヘルロール


  • ブランド : Innisfree
  • 容量:5g
  • ターゲットエリア:顔
  • 肌の種類:すべての肌タイプ
  • 条件:オリジナルボックスを備えた100%真新しい
  • 原産国:韓国

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Excellent translucent powder

Perfectly sized for my purse, and it lasts a long time. I have super oily skin, especially my nose/ T-zone. This lasts for about four hours before I have to reapply. I also use it on my bangs if they start to look oilu throughout the day. Definitely recommend.

fav powder

I love this sebum powder so much, it’s perfect for any kind of weather and is super convenient to bring with me in my purse to touch up with. It makes me look like I don’t even have any makeup on and is not cakey and is very light and subtle.

it's the best

I adore this powder! When I first received it I thought it was tiny but I've realized it will easy last me a very long time. The container is a pretty mint color and the powder itself smells slightly minty which I actually love (if you're sensitive to smells, after you apply it you won't notice it any more). This helps keep me matte and also is great on hair which I had heard and put to the test if your hair gets a little oily and you need a quick fix!

Great powder to reduce greasy sunscreen on face

As the title already suggests, I started using this particular product to lessen the oily/greasy finish of sunscreen on my face. And it has worked perfectly every time so I purchased two new ones to put them in different bags etc. I highly recommend this powder to everyone who has the same problem as me or in general is looking for a powder to reduce oiliness on skin.


Love this stuff, keeps me matte all day (and im super super oily) and really helps to keep my makeup in place and from transferring onto my glasses and clothes....or someone else clothes lol. And as a bonus it doesn't even make you look "cakey" although the powder is white and it does leave that white cast on you if you are not pale so I do use a skin toned pressed powder over top to bring some color back to me. Bought another for a friend and she loves it as well. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has oil control issues.


I have acne prone skin and I was really worried it might break me out, but it didn't. It controlled my oily skin for a long time, did not settle into lines and left it quite smooth. I will definitely repurchase again.

Works on face and hair

Sometimes I use a bit of it on my hair to make it look less oily. It works well on the face too. It's compact enough to be kept in just my bag and carry it everywhere.

Shylo N.
Really good

It took me quite a while to purchase this product but, darn it, I finally got it. This powder has helped me control the shine on my oily skin throughout the day without retouch. I'll wear this on my bear skin or over my BB Cream when I want a more matte finish. I will say, though, that the powder is so fine that it kinda gets everywhere and most of the time I'm breathing it all in. It comes with quite a lot of product for its size. It does have a slight scent to it but being sensitive to scents, surprisingly, it hasn't bothered me at all. Would repurchase.

The only powder I use

First time trying this, definitely repurchasing when it runs out. Controls my oily areas. Blurs my texture and pores. Transparent, so it's perfect to set my face with a velvety, polished finish.

The powder comes with a protection firm when you first open it, as well as a cushion for application. Very convenient and compact to carry around

Perfect for Oily Skin

This mineral powder works wonder! Great powder to set makeup and remove sebum. However, if you have extremely dry skin and it lacks moisture I would suggest not to use the powder as it can be over drying for the skin.

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