MISSHA タイム革命
最初のエッセンス5x 150ml


  • 1.極端なCICA酵母発酵™97%が極端な条件で見つかりました
  • - 極端な環境でも生き残る強い活力の発酵酵母によって獲得された皮膚に優しい酵母発酵抽出物が詰め込まれています。
  • それは肌にもっと密に湿気の感覚をもたらします、
  • 肌がバランスと基本的な強さを維持するのに役立ちます。
  • 2. MISSHA独自の発酵吸収技術、
  • 極端な発酵α™製剤法
  • - 組み合わせて MISSHAの極端な極端な発酵方法と、より密度の高い吸収に役立つ特別な配信技術、
  • MISSHAの発酵吸収技術は、優れた肌に優しい特性を備えた肌に安定して皮膚に届けるために、世界に出てきました。


  • 1.肌のトーン(黄色 /黒いトーン) /透明性 /死んだ皮膚細胞 /水分 /肌のテクスチャを改善する
  • 非常に乾燥した環境で。
  • 2.外部刺激を和らげる(連続回復力のある刺激)
  • 劇的な温度差によって引き起こされる /障壁を改善します。
  • 3.外部刺激(紫外線)によって引き起こされる色素沈着を改善する


  • クレンジング後、綿のパッドを湿らせ、肌の質感に沿って吸収させ、
  • または、適切な量を手に取り、軽くタップして吸収を促進します。
  • ヒント。レイヤーを介して加算される保湿効果を体験してください
  • 肌の状態に応じて適用すると!


  • 酵母発酵抽出物、1,2-ヘキサンジオール、ナイアシンアミド、ビフィダ発酵溶解物、
  • 水、ジエトキシエチルコハク酸、プロパンディオール、PCAナトリウム、エチルヘキシルグリセリン、
  • アデノシン、ポリクイテルニウム-51、キサンタンガム、ブチレングリコール、酢、
  • オリザ・サティバ(米)抽出物、グリセリン、パールパウダー、セラミドNP、コレステロール、水素化レシチン


  • ブランド :MISSHA
  • 容量:150ml
  • ターゲットエリア:顔
  • 肌の種類:すべての肌タイプ
  • 条件:オリジナルボックスを備えた100%真新しい
  • 原産国:韓国

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
chloe j.
Missha essence

I am on the second bottle of this and I will probably keep using it. First time I started my skin was really bad due to a chemotherapy, so I decided to try this and it was the thing that made a biggest difference. My pores got smaller, my skin was brightened, well hydrated and supple, I am very happy with the results!

My go-to toner

I have been using this for years and definitely meets my standard. It doesnt dry up my face and does not have that alcohol sting you feel with some toners. Definitely one for keeps

April C.
like it

made my skin felt soft and prepped before putting a lotion. took me about 3 months to empty out the bottle so worth the money. Will repurchase

I love it!!

Even after only a few days of using this essence, I could already see the difference in my skin (more hydrated, smoother and brighter). My skin is combination and somewhat sensitive. I highly recommend it!

Love it

When I first used this, I noticed a tightening effect on my skin just before bed. I enjoy using this after washing my face to remove makeup residue - you can actually see the dirt on the cotton pad! It brightened my skin tone after weeks of spending time in the sun and I feel more confident to go out with less make-up on!

Nerissa D.G.
Fave Essence

This has been my favourite essence ever since I started my skincare routine. People say its a great dupe for SK II but I believe it stands great on its own. Even if I moved to UK from the PH (which have very different climates) it never fails to leave my skin nourished, moisturised, and feeling the best it can be. I usually use it after cleaning my face to get the effect of the essence before I go on my toner, essence, and creams.

Very Moisturizing

This essence is very light yet super moisturizing. There's no noticeable smell and it goes into the skin instantly and is not sticky at all.

Very hydrating

By far, the best essence for the 7 skin method. Very hydrating and lightweight. For a very plump bouncy skin texture. This is one of the few products I don’t change in my skincare routine.

The perfect essence

This essence is perfect for dry and dehydrated skins (I love glycerin), and contains some good anti-aging ingredients (ferments and niacinamide). Its PH level is 5.5 so its perfect for your skin and to start your serums routine. I like its texture very much and it feels very nice.

boost collagen!

Even I only applied a few drop on my face, I definitely felt my skin was plumped after the application!!! Definitely will repurchase!!!

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