Started in 2019, DodoSkin stands at the forefront of the Korean beauty scene as a global e-commerce platform dedicated to bringing K-beauty to the world. From our base in Seoul, Busan in South Korea and Walnut, California USA, we're more than a store; we're your trusted partner in exploring the rich and dynamic world of Korean skincare and beauty products. Our success hinges on an unyielding commitment to providing an array of high-quality K-beauty selections at the most competitive prices. In 2024, we further expanded our operations by establishing DODO GLOBAL Inc., solidifying our presence as a global leader in the industry.

Our mission is to provide a personalized shopping experience that empowers our customers to explore and embrace the innovative world of K-beauty. We aspire to become the number one trusted Korean beauty eCommerce platform for customers. To achieve this, we are constantly upgrading our system to incorporate high-tech solutions that enhance user experience, faster delivery and streamline operations. As a distributor and retailer, we connect global customers with top Korean skincare and cosmetic brands, renowned for their quality and innovation. Our platform supports both consumer sales and business-to-business relationships, offering a comprehensive range of products that cater to various beauty needs.

Our Commitment to Authenticity

We are deeply committed to authenticity – it's the heart and soul of our brand. Every product we offer is 100% genuine Korean skincare goodness, a promise we uphold with pride. Our roots are in Busan, the traditional number one trade harbor city in South Korea. This unique positioning as a Korean company enables us to access and deliver unparalleled authenticity in every skincare product we curate.
Hello, K-Beauty Lovers!We're your trustworthy pals. Think of us as your go-to Korean Beauty Shop, right around the virtual corner, always ready to dazzle!

Better Delivery: Our Warehouse Promise

At our Dodoskin warehouse in Walnut, California, we are dedicated to enhancing our delivery services. While we acknowledge that our system isn't perfect yet, we are committed to continuous improvement. Currently, we are expanding our range of K-beauty products and striving to solve cross-border eCommerce challenges to make deliveries as fast and reliable as possible. We greatly appreciate your patience and support as we work towards achieving excellence in service. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we are devoted to bringing the beauty of K-beauty directly to you with care and dedication.


Good People, Good Team

We believe the heart of Dodoskin lies in our team. 'Good People, Good Team' reflects our foundation—talented individuals united by a passion for K-beauty and excellence. Our diverse strengths foster a dynamic environment where innovation and collaboration flourish. Together, we strive to provide the finest K-beauty selections and a seamless customer experience, making every Dodoskin interaction memorable. Our team's dedication is the driving force behind our mission, ensuring we meet and exceed your expectations with every step.