Klairs Rich Moist Sorting Serum 80ml

مصل مائي لطيف هو صيغة مركزة
مصنوع مع مزيج غني من مجمعات المكونات المرطبة.
إنها تعطي بشرتك تلك الوهج المشع على مدار اليوم
من خلال تجديد مستويات رطوبة بشرتك مع هذا المصل المرطب.

كيف تستعمل
بعد التطهير ، قم بإعداد الجلد مع الحبر.
قم بتطبيق 3-4 مضخات من المصل المهدئ على الوجه و
بات مع الأيدي لتعزيز الامتصاص الكامل.

 العلامة التجارية: klairs
السعة: 80 مل
المنطقة المستهدفة: الوجه
نوع الجلد: جميع أنواع البشرة
الحالة: 100 ٪ جديد تمامًا مع المربع الأصلي
بلد المنشأ: جمهورية كوريا

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Would recommend it.

So far it seems to be working, however I have dermatitis and sometimes my face gets irritated and starts to peel. As I said, I like it and hopefully it will continue to work for me. I have tried many products but love the serum.

Awesome moisturizing serum!

I have dry, sensitive skin and this serum really moisturizes my face. It doesn’t irritate me. It’s a bit tacky even when dry but that goes away once you apply moisturizer over it. My boyfriend also uses it and he also loves it.

Soothing and Moisturizing

I tried the sample of this and liked how it helped moisturize my face along with the soothing face lotion. So when I was running out of my daily routine products I decided add this with my usual purchases. It has no scent and even helps your face when you've been out in the sun for a while.

Best first serum

I’ve been seeing this for about two months now and avoided buying it and I have no idea why I did so. It’s super moisturizing. It doesn’t irritate my skin either .

Nice product

This product works miracles for me. I tried it as a sample at first but when I noticed how it moisturizes my face, I did not hesitate to buy this bottle. My face looks fresh all the time now and I don't have to put a lot of make-up because I like how my bare skin looks like after applying this serum to my face. If I have more thumbs, I will give it more than two thumbs up. Try it and see for yourself.

Allison M.

This product is completely worth buying. I’m on my second bottle since trying it and I absolutely love it. It’s moisturizing and feels silky when applying. It’s light weight and super gentle on my sensitive skin.


I was skeptical of this product, but my face loves it. I have sensitive combination skin and haven't had any bad reactions. My face felt more supple and moisturized after the first use. I was very surprised by the suppleness. I will use this whenever my face feels irritated after makeup use, after clay masks, after a day in the sun.

Aditi K.
Amazing for Hydration

This serum is amazing! I have combination, sensitive, and cystic acne prone skin. I've tried all types of hydrating serums from low end to high end. This one is my all time fav! I use it in the morning and at

Must buy!

I love this serum. Super hydrating and calming for my acne prone and oily skin. Our heater was very dry and this serum helps my skin stay clam and hydrated. 100% will buy this product again.

Great serum for sensitive skin

This serum saved me from cold dry weather and the hot summer sun. It is perfect all year around and easy to layer up on. I usually have highly reactive skin and am prone to redness and dehydration. I love this serum so much and am about to repurchase my third bottle.

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