The stepwise guide to choosing your skincare routine

Korean skin and hair care have been dominating the global beauty market for quite some time now. The credit is given to their innovative, natural, and out of the box formulations. With Korea cosmetic brands bombarding the beauty community, it can be a cumbersome task to choose the best brands.  Here's a list that is curated to pinpoint the best available brands for both skin and hair care.

  • For flawless naturally healthy skin:
  • Koreans have brought in the trend for porcelain skin. Rightly so, Innisfree is a Korean brand that believes in the usage of natural products that are sourced from the volcanic island of Jeju. They have a range of eco-friendly yet affordable range of skincare and cosmetic products. Furnished with organic ingredients, their products are perfect for every skin type.  From face masks to lip balms, setting powder and haircare range, they have it all. One can also refer to the much-loved vitamin C enriched yuja niacin. This skincare product is infested with skin-brightening pigments and is perfect for combatting dry, dull, and acne scars laced skin. 

  • Masks that heal your face:
  • Faces are one of the most exposed areas of the body that have to endure everything from the scorching heat to the cold. Faces also are one of the first spots that show the indication of ageing via fine lines and wrinkles. Mediheal is a Korean brand that is crafted to fit every sort of skin type. Whatever your skin needs, mediheal has your back with custom-fitted mask treatments. 

  • Beauty from Madagascar:
  • Korean skincare is known to harvest and use some of the most unique beauty ingredients. skin1004 is one such Korean brand that has its hero ingredient as the Centella Asiatica. This ingredient is harvested from Madagascar. This raw ingredient is known to deliver maximum skincare benefits. They are known for their hydrating properties which, are essential for proper skincare. 

  • For the elite haircare:
  • There's the consensus amongst Koreans that caring for the scalp is just as important as skin. A well-cared scalp not only improves the appearance of hair but also helps it reverse damage and look shiny and feel soft. One of the most well known Korean brands in hair care is Lador. They provide effective and powerful solutions that nourish, repair and moistures hair for a lusture filled voluminous growth. The lador hair products are enriched with a blend of collagen, protein, ceramide, and amino acids. These combinations individually target every hair strand to ensure superior nourishment. 

  • Cosmetic brands to watch out for : 
  • Korea is home to some of the most well-loved skin luxury cosmetic brands. Some of the famous ones are Tony Moly and Missha. They offer both skincare and cosmetic products and have high-quality ingredients combined with innovative technology.

  • Skincare formula laced with Oriental medicine:
  • Koreans understand that some skin types require more care than others. One such Korean brand that understands this requirement is the Pyunkang yul. They have a unique approach to skincare that is globally appreciated. Their simple formulas and oriental medicine rooted idea help achieve skin balance. 

  • Radiant and youthful skin:
  • Korean skincare is all about youthful radiance and healthy skin. The Korean brand Sulwhasoo is a must-have. They fill the skin with moisture, render an even skin tone, offer a flawless complexion and long term hydration. Another Korean brand is the Dokdo which is known for its essence that spreads smoothly over the skin leaving behind a radiant and youth laced glow. 

    Now that a clear idea of some of the major Korean brands is put forward, you can easily determine your skin and hair type and purchase the products. Check these products online on the DODOSKIN. A trusted online store with thousands of Korean skin and hair care brands at your disposal. So sign in and get the beautiful and healthy skin and hair that you have always wished for.