Aromatica Rosemary Root Enhancer 100ml


  • If heat accumulates in the scalp due to overexertion, stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, and similar factors, it can become a cause of scalp issues.
  • Rosemary root enhancer, with its non-sticky and lightweight airy texture, can be applied to the scalp regularly without any discomfort.
  • Seven powerful nutritional components of vitamin complex* and six black food complexes* provide assistance for maintaining healthy roots and voluminous hair care.
  • Probiotics and caffeine ingredients help balance an imbalanced scalp. Aromatica directly extracts and incorporates two distinctive decoction ingredients* and seven fermentation ingredients* to nurture a robust and healthy scalp and hair all the way from the roots.

How to use

  • Before use, shake the product well and then place the spray nozzle close to the scalp. Spray evenly across the entire scalp or the problematic areas.
  • Spray the root enhancer on the entire scalp or the concerned areas.
  • Gently massage using the Indian hair massage technique, pushing and lifting in reverse from the nape of the neck to the forehead using the fingerprint area of five fingers.
  • Massage by tapping the scalp.
  • If excessive scalp sebum becomes an issue or if there's an unpleasant smell, after evenly spraying the tonic over the entire scalp, allow it to be absorbed or use a towel or tissue to gently remove excess scalp sebum and tidy up.


  • Rosemary essential oil, rosemary decoction extract, 7 types of vitamins, 6 types of black food extracts, probiotics, caffeine.


  • Brand : AROMATICA
  • Capacity : 100ml
  • Target Area : Face
  • Skin Type : All Skin Types
  • Condition : 100% Brand-new with original box
  • Country of origin : Republic of Korea

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