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VDL Expert Highlighting Book Mini (8g) - #2
EXPERT COLOR HIGHLIGHTING BOOK MINI Features A highlighting blush with fine shimmering pearls that gives natural and delicate volume on the face, creating more defined makeup look. Specification Brand : VDL Country of origin : Republic of Korea Target Area...
$30.86 $23.74
KAHI Highlighter 9g
KAHI Highlighter 9g Features You can experience pearl shine and elasticity care at the same time.It contains ceramide to add moisture. ( Salmon low-molecular collagen to replenish nutrients in the skin, Salmon-derived Sodium DNA to increase skin elasticity, and Salmon...
$45.00 $37.98
HERA Face Designing Highlighter 10g
HERA Face Designing Highlighter Features A highlighter pact for shimmery radiance and healthy glow.   How to use Put a good amount on 1/2 of one side of the brush. Sweep the brush over flat forehead, T-zone and under the...
$64.00 $34.68
Too Cool For School Art Class By Rodin 3-Color Highlighter 11g
Too Cool For School Art Class By Rodin3-Color Highlighter 11g Features Art Class By Rodin Highlighter is designed to add a colorful glow to the skin to create the volume and aura radiance of the face. How to use 1....
$19.73 $15.18
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