#1 Hotspot Red
#2 Selfie Orange Brown
#3 Cartoon Coral
#3 Cartoon Coral
#4 Pretty Pink
#5 Genius Rosy Pink
#6 Sold Out Red
#10 Twinkle Pinkism

[PERIPERA] Ink The Airy Velvet 4g

20 years S/S new color added
#1 Hotspot Red - Red with vitality and fascinating atmosphere
#2 Selfie Orange Brown - Neither orange nor brown, orange MLBB in a mysterious imagination
#3 Cartoon Coral - A gorgeous heroine who came out from a cartoon. Coral lover who is gorgeous every day
#4 Pretty Pink - Blossom pink fluttering in the spring breeze
#5 Genius Rosy Pink - Perfect! My own beauty skill, Rosy Pink
#6 Sold Out Red - Already sold even before it’s released! I gotta get the red
#7 Heart Grapefruit - This is what I have to get!Grapefruit red color that catches my eyes
#8 Pretty Orange Pink - Becomes my favorite!Super pretty orange pink color
#9 100Point Coral - 100% my type!Coral color that brightens your face
#10 Twinkle Pinkism - Pretty & cuteCandy pink for cuties
#11 Full Red Brick - I am almost fall in love with it. A red brick that will make you are in love
#12 Morning Grapefruit - Red grapefruit for those who love grapefruits
#13 Rich Berry - Cool pink is also essential! Berry cool pink
#14 ROSY PINK - The best among rose pinks
#15 Soft Coral - Wow, Coral with a drop of pink

POINT 01. Soft texture preparing for spring
POINT 02. Petallike colors adhere to the lips smoothly
POINT 03. Soft, smooth and moist lips

Product name: [PERIPERA] Ink The Airy Velvet 4g
Model: #1 Hotspot Red, #2 Selfie Orange Brown, #4 Pretty Pink, #5 Genius Rosy Pink,#6 Sold Out Red, #10 Twinkle Pinkism
Volume: 4g
Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea

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