Huxley Cleansing Water Be Clean Be Moist 200ml
Huxley Cleansing Water Be Clean Be Moist 200ml The cleansing water is much less stimulating than other water type cleansing waters with the cactus extract contained instead of purified water.Contains orange and lemon extract rich of AHA ingredient, helping with...
$23.00 $17.43
Huxley Cream Aati-Gravity 50ml
Huxley Cream ANTI-GRAVITY 50ml   The unique feature of the cream is the rich nutrition and smooth texture.Protects the skin from external hazards and skin stress.The nutrition is tight and rich. How to use Every morning and night, after using...
$35.00 $20.35
Huxley Cream Fresh And More 50ml
Huxley CREAM FRESH AND MORE 50ml The fresh gel type moisture cream forms a smooth moisture barrier.The moisturizing power of Sahara prickly pear seed oil and natural moisturizing ingredient keeps the skin moist for a long time.Fresh and moist without...
$28.00 $22.01
Huxley Cream Glow Awakening 50ml
Huxley CREAM GLOW AWAKENING 50ml The smooth and glowing milky cream texture gifts the skin with a watery glow.Odeetox™ and cactus seed oil have anti-pollution and anti-oxidant effect.Bisabolol and SC-glucan ingredients sooth and regenerates the skin while improving skin tone....
$30.00 $22.20
Huxley Cream More Than Moist 50ml
Huxley CREAM MORE THAN MOIST 50ml The matte butter type cream melts smoothly on contact with the skin with the melting down texture.The hypo-allergenic cream can be used on any type of skin. have delicate and sensitive skinhave extremely dry...
$31.00 $24.16
Huxley Essence Brightly Ever After 30ml
Huxley ESSENCE BRIGHTLY EVER AFTER 30ml An elixir to remedy irritation, dryness and blemishes and alleviate early signs of ageing is something that is wished by all. Huxley offers the Essence Brightly Ever After that admirably fits the bill. How...
$43.00 $25.08
Huxley Essence Grab Water 30ml 1 review
Huxley ESSENCE GRAB WATER 30ml The moisture essence holds onto the moisture for a long time.The Sahara Prickly Pear Seed Oil provides moisture to the skin with the light texture.Peppermint ingredient naturally cool the skin. How to use Take an...
$31.00 $19.59
Huxley Oil Essence; Essence-Like, Oil-Like 30ml
Huxley OIL ESSENCE; ESSENCE-LIKE, OIL-LIKE 30ml An innovative oil essence developed by an optimal mixture of oil and essence.As smooth as oil, but with quicker absorption and enhanced freshness.Maintains the skin vital all day long. How to use Take an...
$32.00 $23.79
Huxley Oil Light and More 30ml
Huxley OIL LIGHT AND MORE 30ml Light oil that doesn't leave behind an oily trail on the skin.The light and quick absorption is for any skin type.Provides rich moisture to the dry skin. How to use Take an appropriate amount,...
$31.00 $25.18
Huxley Toner Extract It 120ml
Huxley TONER EXTRACT IT 120ml The volumed moisture provides rich moisture to the skin.Consists over 90% of natural ingredients, using cactus extract instead of purified water.The acidulous toner is mild and non-stimulating. How to use Saturate a cotton pad and...
$32.00 $24.23
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