Noten täglich Toner -Pad 280g (22AD)


  • Vierfachporenverbesserung (Anzahl, Fläche, Volumen und Tiefe der Poren.
  • BHA & PHA Mildes Peeling -Versorgung Feuchtigkeit mit hyaluronischem und säurem Artemisia Princeps Blattwasser.
  • Tiefe Feuchtigkeitsdauer mit 280 g Tonergröße mit 80 mm extra großer Baumwollblock.

Wie benutzt man

  • Wischen Sie mit der geprägten Baumwollseite nach, nachdem Sie Ihr Gesicht gewaschen haben.
  • Wischen Sie erneut mit weicher Baumwollseite des Pads ab und tupfen Sie den Toner vorsichtig auf Ihre Haut, um eine bessere Absorption zu erhalten.


  • Marke: Notwendig
  • Kapazität: 280g
  • Zielbereich: Gesicht
  • Hauttyp: Alle Hauttypen
  • Zustand: 100% brandneu mit Originalbox
  • Herkunftsland: Republik Korea

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Blanca E.B.M.

Got it after watching Arang's videos. My skin has been loving it. Definitely noticed a change in my skin texture and less breakouts but could be from the combination of the products I tried: needly daily toner pad, this ampoule and the Erseongcho water cream. It's been almost 2 months and I intend to keep the routine for half a year to judge how effective it is.

Diina O.
5stars worthy

I’m blown away by this product. I found out about this through a recommendation on YouTube. I have very sensitive combination skin and this works very well for me . I’m so sold on this product I will be sharing it with everyone.

Great Product

I love the size of the pads and how generous the amount of liquid there is in there. Perfect for trouble instead of carrying an actual toner. I have noticed an improve in my skin texture after using this.

very good

I know this product from a youtuber, and I'm very happy to find it here, the product is very good, cleans my face perfectly and after using it for a few days my face feels calmer, my acne started to shrink.

Luca T.

Lovvee these toner pads, the material feels gentle on the skin , its drenched in essence and is very hydrating and nourishing !
It contains Salicylic Acid but i find it to be gentle enough for every day use !!

Toner pads

I love love it. This is the second bottle that I bought, and enjoying it. The pads are kinda big, so I use it all over my hands for like not wasting.

You need Needly

Needly products are what you need in your skincare. My favorite Youtuber was swearing over Needly face was and toner pads and I saw they were both on sale so I got 2 of each. I hope they will have sale for Needly products in the future so I can get them for cheaper and stock.

Joanna O.
Great Toner Pads!

I have tried toner pads from other brands before but this one is the best! The difference you can see after 1-2 uses is great! It does not irritate my skin !

Veasna U.
Great Toner Pad!

I really love this Toner Pad after using for a while. This Toner pad is easy to use, gentle and help to calm my face. Too bad it is out of stock. I really want to re-purchase it as my current Toner Pad is nearly used up. Would highly recommended!!

Amazing toning pad for sensitive skin!

This pad is very gentle on the skin and gently exfoliates my skin. I bought about 4 of these and this helps my skin stay soft so my other products can soak into my skin. I would recommend to those who have really sensitive skin!

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