What is DODOSKIN.com?

What is DODOSKIN.com?

What is DODOSKIN? 

June 16th, 2021 

DODOSKIN.com is a Korean Cosmetics e-commerce retailer that serves customers predominantly from the USA. 

In 2019, the founder of DODOSKIN.com was troubled by the amount of low quality Korean cosmetics being sold in malls, stores, and even online to Americans. Given his deep industry knowledge and international business experience, the founder of DODOSKIN.com set forth to provide Americans a transparent and better way to purchase Korean cosmetics. 

DODOSKIN.com has five pillars to its brand and focuses on these values everyday! 

  1. Great Value: Beating the major competitors in price and selection, DODOSKIN.com is a clear leader in price. 
  2. Quality Customer Service: Rather than leaving customers troubled after the order is made, DODOSKIN.com ensures that you are fully aware of each step throughout the entire way. We have live chat, phone, and email support available. 
  3. Fast & Free Shipping: Understanding that you need your order fast but at a practical cost, we offer free shipping for every order but also offer express shipping for an additional cost. 
  4. 100% Guaranteed Authentic: After coming across many other retailers selling counterfeit cosmetics with toxic materials, DODOSKIN.com was founded to provide Americans a guaranteed genuine product without any frills. 
  5. Something for Everyone: Always inclusive of all types and people of different backgrounds, DODOSKIN.com makes sure to keep their products diverse and always is working with promising & emerging brands! 

As of June 6th, 2021, DODOSKIN has learned so much as a new business trying to provide better value for Americans. Although we are still young, we have been considered as the best retailer by many customers already. 

Although you might be considering whether or not to place your order with DODOSKIN.com, the team at DODOSKIN.com reassures you that if you place your order with us, we will do everything we can to make sure you are satisfied! 

Thanks for choosing DODOSKIN, be sure to connect with us on Instagram @DODOSKIN.