IOPE Esencia de acondicionamiento bio


  • El suero revitaliza la piel diariamente durante el primer almacenamiento de cuidado de la piel.
    Un suero antiabático que contiene bio-Redox_α, una reproducción de las enzimas antioxidaciones necesarias de la piel.
    Fecha de vencimiento: Fecha de vencimiento también proporcionada o úsela dentro de los 12 meses posteriores a la apertura del producto para el estado óptimo del producto.
  • Es difícil proporcionar la fecha de fabricación a medida que cambia con frecuencia.


  • Filtrado de fermentación de Saccharomyces, agua purificada, niacinamida, glicerina, propanodiol, butilenglicol,
  • Ácido cetoglutarico, fermento de Saccharomyces, hlycolípidos, goma natto, extracto de té verde, theanine,
  • Glycereth-26, adenosina, carbomer, cafeína, caprilyl glicol, colesterol, pentilenglicol,
  • Poliglicerina-3, lecitina hidrogenada PEG-8, hidróxido de potasio, 1,2-hexanodiol, fenoxietanol

Cómo utilizar

  • 1. Remoje un algodón PAS con la esencia biológica.
    2. Aplique el producto en su cara, comenzando desde la frente y la mejilla hacia el lado exterior de su cara.
    3. La almohadilla de algodón ayuda a proporcionar esencia a la piel.
  • Toque con los dedos para que lo absorba bien en la piel.


  • Marca : IOPE
  • Capacidad: 168 ml
  • Área objetivo: cara
  • Tipo de piel: todo tipo de piel
  • Condición: 100% nuevo con caja original
  • País de origen: República de Corea

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
it's the best

"I have tried many different essences before and I am happy with this IOPE essence. It is very watery and I use about three drops to cover my entire face. It does not have any fragrance which I don't mind. After applying, it does not leave my face feeling dry and pulled.

Laura N.
Good Toner

This bio toner comes in a clear glass bottle, and it is thick enough that it is sturdy. It is also a good amount of toner, so the price is fine for what you are getting. I tried this first on my arms to see if there would be a negative reaction to using it, and there wasn't; therefore I began using it on my face and after a week everything is just fine.

Jenny L.
Light feeling and hydrating!

IOPE Bio-Conditioning Essence.
Lightweight and hydrating face essence! It is an essence that has a clear liquidy medium thick consistency serum-like feel and texture. It works well as a solo moisturizer on my teens oily acne prone face that gets overly dry and sensitive with acne treatment and dry weather.

Good Product

It's a good product. Not what I expected ?

Very good

I have a tendency of thinking of an essence as being a toner. At least, that's where I place the application within my skincare regimen. This does tone the skin and conditions it before you continue with the rest of your skincare routine.


Many years ago during my Korean skincare phase I received a sample of this product. I remember liking it but I never bought a full size of it because I kept experimenting with different brands. When I saw this offered to me on DODO Vine I was excited! I have been seeing more and more K-Beauty on DODO and I love it. They’re known for their innovative, natural, high quality, and effective skincare.

Allison C.
it's the best

The IOPE Bio Essence comes in a no-frills, tasteful, colorless frosted glass pour spout bottle. There are daily indicator notches along the side, which I found pointless. A little goes a long long way and I suspect it'll take me a couple of months or more to get through this seemingly small bottle. It is hands down one of the best toners/hydration essences I've used. Not heavy or greasy; no unpleasant smell or tautness. It absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling taut and leaves a healthy matte finish. Doesn't cause pilling or flaking of other products layered on after.


The IOPE Bio-Conditioning Essence has quickly become one of my favorite layering toner or essences because it is nourishing, odorless, gentle, and helps boost the hydration retention of my skin without making me feel greasy or triggering excessive oiliness in my t-zone.

Love it!

I like how thin this is and it goes right into your skin. It makes your skin feel very refreshed!

I love this toner

It's super hydrating, so plumping and brightening that it minimizes the appearance of my pores and fine lines.

It is much more impactful than I expected from something in this step of my routine. I love it!

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