Zombie Beauty de Skin1004 Bloody Peel

- Alto contenido estabilizado de AHA 17%
- El extracto de fruta de manzana elimina suavemente las células muertas de la piel y la vitamina C ilumina el tono de la piel opaca.
- Recetas de alimentos rojos de la naturaleza, como tomates, remolacha roja, pimentón y complejo de bayas, calma la piel de manera rápida y efectiva.
Zombie Beauty de Skin1004 Bloody Peel
Punto 01
Combinación bien proporcionada de componentes AHA y BHA para ser adecuados para la piel seca y la piel grasa/combinada para dejar solo una piel suave y saludable.
Punto 02
El milagro después de 60 segundos. 60 segundos de inversión, un día a la semana, deja una piel suave y suave.
Punto 03
Contiene extracto de fruta Solanum lycopersicum (tomate), extracto de raíz beta vulgar (remolacha), extracto de fruta de capsicum anual, complejo de bayas.



Cómo utilizar


Paso 01
Limpia maquillaje y otros desechos.
Paso 02
Con el gotero, aplique una cantidad apropiada en el área de la cara, excepto los ojos y la boca.
Paso 03
Aplíquelo de acuerdo con la textura de su piel y déjela durante 1 ~ 2 minutos.
Paso 04
Lávese la cara bien con agua tibia para que no se ponga en los ojos.
Déjelo por 1 minuto y lávelo con agua.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Good one

Do not have experience of using peelings, but this one very strong and good one. Skin become more silky and bright.

Gentle But Effective

I switched to this after using the ordinary peeling solution. The bloody peel stood out to me as it said it was gentle and only took 1-2 minutes for the peel to work which was great as the ordinarys said to leave on for 10 minutes. I am always looking to make my skincare routine more efficient so this was great. Just after one use my skin was extremely smooth and brighter in appearance - I also had no sensitivity! Definitely will repurchase.


Hello, a reddish effect after half an hour, then you have to hydrate the skin well, I liked how it leaves it, I use it once every two weeks.

Tamasfi E.

The BLOODY PEEL really cleanses the skin in depth, removes absolutely all impurities, unifies the complexion, makes the skin fresher, smoothes it and refines it excellently. Please be careful (acid), use 1-3 times a week. Always rinse well and use appropriate nourishing cream. use.

Samantha P.
it's the best

Obviously I make the comparison with the ordinary version and I must say that not only is it more "delicate" but it also takes less time, let me explain better, I have sensitive skin but with pimples and also dry, when I tried the ordinary I thought it was too much for my skin but little by little I got used to it but this Bloody peel has a lower concentration of acids and you have to keep it for only 1 minute, fantastic it leaves your skin luminous but not dry and does not irritate definitely approved


Very good and gentle peeling! After use you can immediately see refined skin with a great glow.

If you let it work for about 1 minute and wash it off well, it smoothes the skin excellently.

Highly recommended!

Paisley M.
I like it

I saw this on tik tok and to be honest I bought it for the packaging. When I used this the first time, I added too much product so my face was burning/turned red. I have sense it I’ve skin btw. But after toning down the amount I use it has been a great exfoliater. I use it once (and sometimes twice) a week.

Smooth Skin

I have no experience with peels. After reading some reviews, I put a layer on my face and waited a couple of minutes. After washing with a gentle cleanser, my skin was so smooth. If your skin is sensitive, then maybe do a patch test first. This is strong.

Magdalini K.
very good

get ready for a very soft though very effective peeling! I absolutely love this brand!


this is a more gentle version of the ordinary peel. it's good for people who are not used to using acids

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