Etude House Soonjung 2x Crème intensive de barrière 60 ml

Point 1. Soins de secours pour la peau irritée
- Le panthénol et le madecassoside apaisant de la peau sont contenus pour calmer la peau irritée.
Point 2. Hydratation durable - composée d'une formule douce et crémeuse
Cela laisse la peau hydratée et maintient l'humidité pendant longtemps.
Pinte 3. PH Balance Care pour la meilleure condition cutanée - formulée à un niveau de pH idéal
Cela est similaire au pH de la peau saine, aide la peau à devenir équilibrée et en meilleure santé.
Point 4. libre de 10 additifs
- Matériaux dérivés d'animaux, d'huile minérale, d'additifs de couleur, de parfum synthétique,
Polyacrylamide, huile de silicone, imidazolidinyl urée, triéthanolamine, tensioactif Peg, paraben
Point 5. Tests d'application fiables et vérifiés terminés
- il a été traité et passé divers tests liés au produit;
test non comédogène, test d'hypoallergénicité et test dermatologique.

Comment utiliser
Utilisez à la dernière étape des soins de la peau, lorsqu'ils ont besoin d'une hydratation supplémentaire.
Prenez une quantité adéquate et appliquez-la doucement sur la peau, puis appuyez sur la peau pour l'absorption.

Marque: Etude House
Capacité: 60 ml
Zone cible: visage
Type de peau: tous les types de peau
État: 100% tout nouveau avec une boîte d'origine
Pays d'origine: République de Corée

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Good for sensitive skin

This is a rebuy since it’s not often i have moisturizers that don’t break me out, but this one works wonderfully and eventhough I have super dry skin it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight. Feels very light weight on the skin however I do feel it could provide more moisture but maybe it’s just my skin type


I use retinoids, so I really need a good cream and this product is so! It helps get rid irritation and doesn’t clog my pores!

very moisturizing

this moisturizer is very very moisturizing. its good for sensitive skin like my skin and i havent been breaking out lately which is a good sign

love this so far

feels so good on the skin and I appreciate that the packaging tells you how much to use, if you use that amount your skin absorbs it fast enough for it to be suitable before makeup!

Great barrier cream

Really nice barrier cream with ingredients that help to maintain skin barrier health and soothe irritate/inflamed skin. I think this would be great to pair with actives or for people with sensitive skin. My skin did need a little bit more moisture, so I just layered a heavier moisturizer on top.

very hydrating

great if you’re trying to heal your skin barrier/ dry skin. I’ve been using this a lot lately due to the winter drying out my skin. this has kept it very moisturized and healthy. a little goes a long way for me as well

My new HG moisturizer

I was surprised at how light and thin this was for how well it keeps me moisturized! I have dry, mature skin (age 44) and this keeps me so soft all day! I am about to purchase 2 more tubes.

Kim V.
Soon Jung 2x Moisture

I Bought this moisturizer for my 11, 14, 18, and 21 year old daughters, and they all are fair skinned, with combination skin but it is bitter cold here and this cream is keeping them protected and hydrated. No breakouts, just glowing and fabulous skin


This lotion is very wonderful, its texture is light, it moisturizes the skin well and has no smell

very good for skin barrier

i broke my skin barrier and this cream was very good at giving my face moisture, its heavy which is perfect, besides that its also great for keeping my face hydrated during the winter, its heavy but it doesn't feel heavy.

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