Hair Tonic

3DAMO Hair Tonic

A styling hair tonic for busy modern people! Deal with your hair conveniently

 by natural nutrition hair tonic!


The hair becomes healthy by spraying directly on the scalp

and nourishing the hair roots and hair follicles directly

Spraying highly concentrated scalp care essence on the hair roots keeps scalp healthy

The true natural scalp care products that anyone can use safely because it is hypo-allergenic

Scalp stimulating with natural extract ingredients is minimized

It has a innovative technology that can create styling just by spraying

Main Ingredients

Natural extract ingredients

Green tea extract effective to prevent hair loss

Pine leaf, jujube extracts rich in amino acids that are essential for hair formation

Purified water, extractions(green tea, mint, pine leaf, jujube, beefstake plant, Licorice, jojoba, scutellaria Radix), mint oil, lavender oil, phenoxyethanol, shea butter oil, macadamia oil

How to use

Clean hair using shampoo and dry thoroughly using hair dryer

Comb hair evenly over the whole scalp with brush

Spray hair tonic directly on the scalp inside the hair

Tap and massage for about 1 minute using fingers

Complete hair style using the brush


Quantity: 60ml

Manufacturers: 3DAMO

Country of manufacture: South Korea


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