BRTC Mask Line - Prestige Gold Caviar Cocoon / Aqua Rush Pearl

The stratum corneum is made up of keratinocyte and intercellular lipid, what is called lipid
is ceramide. When the percentage of ceramide is maintained at 50%, it becomes healthy skin.
It contains quintuplex ceramide, which strengthens skin health, prevents moisture from escaping,
and makes the skin texture smooth.
It includes natural jewelry, pearl extracts, pearl powder, as well as diamond powder,
a symbol of high-quality jewelry, to help care for the skin's natural glow.
Quintuplex hyaluronic acid helps provide a firm moisture supply and forms a moisture barrier
to capture moisture inside the skin, providing intense moisturization.
It has quintuplex ceramide and triple peptide to strengthen the skin barrier and make
 it a healthy skin that is not easily weakened from the harmful external environment.
It helps safe skincare with patented ingredients such as FERMENTOX, which helps
with skin barrier and vitality, and Calm-Ato-Complex, which helps skin soothing.
Product name: Aqua Rush Pearl Mask 
Capacity / Components: 25g / 0.88oz * 5EA 
Country of manufacture: South of Korea
Brand: BRTC
Full of nutrition with a thick sheet
Rich essence that doesn’t dry out
Nourishing your skin with great adhesion
A sheet even covers your neck for wrinkle care
Contains caviar extract and gold ingredients
Skin irritation test completed
Gives elasticity to the skin without vitality
Contains rich nutritional moisturizing ingredients
Whitening · Wrinkle improvement function
Product name: Prestige Gold Caviar Cocoon Mask
Components: 5EA
Country of manufacture: South of Korea
Brand: BRTC

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