Cocoberry Cobeath Berryboom Cream - 50ml


Dry skin, Flaky skin, Irritated skin, The reason why the skin becomes vulnerable
to external stimuli and quickly gets dry is because of the lack of ceramide!
Lack of ceramide = Collapse of the skin barrier We have chosen the ingredients
that can take care of the skin barrier and made sure to put them all.
Ceramide 3
 - The essential constituent of the skin barrier
 - Protects the skin from external stimuli
 - It is the ingredient that prevents moisture loss of the skin.
 - It contains many elements that compose the skin barrier.
We recommend it to these people!
 - A person who suffers from serious pulling after washing a face.
 - A person who stays in a dry environment for a long time and often.
 - A person whose inside skin is dry and has caky make-up.
 - A person who wants moist and vitalized skin.
 - A person who cares about night skincare.
To help improve whitening and wrinkles, we have even finished a functional report
to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

How to use
1. Take pudding-like cream on the back of your hand.
2. Rub it with your fingers little by little and melt it slightly.
3. Apply it to your face.
It is best when it is as below.
 - When you wake up; You can feel the moist skin.
 - After washing the face and taking a shower; You will not feel pulling.
 - In a dry season and space; You will feel moisturized without a humidifier.
Product name: Cobeath Berryboom Cream
Capacity: 50 ml
Period of use: For all skin types
Period of use: Marked separately on product
Manufacturer: Cocoberry co.,Ltd.
Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea

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