Cocoberry Cobeath Berryboom Skin - 120ml



Berryboom Skin improves skin pulling for sure.

Berryboom Skin is a highly concentrated skin toner made of Provence rose water

and hyaluronic acid, and it permeates deep inside the skin and provides moisture.

It soothes flaky and rough skin. It nourishes and hydrates dry skin.

No scents are added to make it less bother.(However, the product may have a slight

rose scent of 'Provence rose water.)

When you need to soothe your skin! Try home care like this!

A useful tip for utilizing skin toner!

1. Thoroughly wet a cotton pad with a lot of Berryboom Skin Toner.

2. Apply it like a mask sheet to areas that require skin calming.

3. After 5 ~10 minutes, remove the cotton pads and pat it down to let it absorb.

Skin calming is completed!!



Essential for inside skin dry

Moisture supply

Skin nourishment

Skin soothing



Product name: Cobeath Berryboom Skin 

Capacity: 120 ml

Period of use: For all skin types

Period of use: Within 12 months

Manufacturer: Cocoberry co.,Ltd.

Country of Manufacture: Republic of Korea


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